12-year-old skips Heathrow Airport security check, boards flight without ticket and boarding pass

12-year-old skips Heathrow Airport security check, boards flight without ticket and boarding pass

In an appalling incident, a 12-year-old boy managed to sneak through the security check at Heathrow Airport and board a British airway flight to Los Angeles without a ticket and boarding pass.

Appalled by the incident, the airport authorities are trying to figure out how the boy slipped through the security check without getting noticed by the officials at the check-in.

As the reports, the child was all alone and he chatted with the passengers who were to fly to Los Angeles. But when he was asked to show his boarding pass, he said he doesn’t have one.

Despite repeated requests by the cabin crew members, the boy refused to leave the plane. Eventually, he was then escorted away by the police officer.

As per a media report, the flight to LA was delayed by more than four hours and the passengers had to go through a second security check before boarding the plane.

“The boy would not speak to the cabin crew and they were asking if anyone spoke Dutch. He would not help them understand where his bags were so the whole aircraft had to be cleared which meant we were almost more than four hours delayed taking off. It was very frustrating,” one passenger Rachel Richardson told the newspaper.

Recent report also suggests that security concerns were raised at Britain’s airport and the investigators are trying to probe how the boy managed to enter the plane without ticket and boarding pass.

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said the boy was possibly a transit passenger who left his plane to take a tour of the Heathrow Airport. But fearing he would get caught, he decided to return to the plane. He added boy was alone and was not a UK national.

“We are working with our police colleagues and British Airways to understand how an unauthorized passenger boarded the incorrect aircraft. We apologize for the disruption and will continue working closely with the authorities and our airline partners to keep the airport safe,” Scotland Yard said in a statement.

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