50,000 printers hacked worldwide to tell people to subscribe Pewdiepie YouTube page

The ongoing saga of YouTuber PewDiePie and the Indian music channel T-Series has taken yet another weird turn.

A Twitter user using the pseudonym of TheHackerGiraffe hacked 50,000 printers to print out flyers telling people to subscribe to PewDiePie’s YouTube channel. The hacker claims that the primary motive behind this hijacking spree is to spread awareness about printers’ cyber-security and to garner the attention of PewDiePie.

The messages sent out on November 29 caused quite the stirr among the users who received them, as they ended up on a bunch of places, from high-end multi-functional printers at large companies to small handheld receipt printers at gas stations and restaurants.

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, is a Sweden-based video game commentator and comedian and considered the most widely followed YouTuber for years. However, T-Series has been set to overtake PewDiePie as the most-subscribed YouTube channel for a couple months.

YouTube currently displays both Pewdiepie and T-Series as having 72 million subscribers.


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