George Floyd death: 7 most powerful photos from Black Lives Matter protest

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The US is seeing a number of protests and marches which are to decry the death of George Floyd– a black man who died after a white police officer knelt on his neck for minutes during an arrest, while Floyd cried out: ‘I can’t breathe.’ (The officer – Derek Chauvin, who had been fired following the incident, has since been arrested.)

Floyd’s death is the latest in a long and harrowing list of black people dying during or following incidents with white police officers in the US.

So, people came out to the streets in their thousands to say that black lives matter and enough is enough.

The marches started in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the city in which Floyd died a week ago today, and soon spread to Los Angles, New York City, San Francisco and in the UK, London, Manchester, Cardiff and beyond.

Here are the most powerful photos from US protest over the death of George Floyd:

The protestor hold roses in the air to show their power of peaceful protest. The picture was from May 30th in Chicago, Illinois
A protestor from Brooklyn, New York City is raising her fist while holding a painted sign which has a white man's knees on the words 'Black Lives Matter', a direct reference to what happened to George Floyd.more
The protestors are injured and are crying. The protesters are seen to by medics after they had tear gas in their eyes on May 30 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
A woman protesting in front of the White House in Washington DC kneels and puts her hands in the air on May 31st.
Friends hug cry in front of a memorial for George Floyd in Minneapolis.
The protestor takes a knee in front of police officer in San Jose, California.
The police too took part in the protest and took a knee to symbolise their solidarity with the protesters and held a Q&A with Black Lives Matter advocates on May 31st in Coral Gables, Florida
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