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Actor Kamal Haasan reacted on TN’s political crisis, says Panneerselvam has proven his mettle

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The ongoing political crisis in Tamil Nadu is known to all of us now. The political war for top post is becoming worse day by day with accusations and blame game. Actually, Panneerselvam, who resigned from Chief Minister’s post on Saturday, said on Wednesday that he was forced to do that.  After his revolt, Sasikala said, she was disappointed with Panneerselvam for betraying the party.

This clash led to a public dispute with an ultimate decision yet to be taken. Now, an ace actor Kamal Haasan chooses to react on this entire issue and posted strong tweets on the continuing Panneerselvam-Sasikala row on Wednesday. The actor also spoke out his mind on the issue in an interview with India Today and explained what his tweets meant.

The 62-year-old actor was of the opinion that the CM of Tamil Nadu should be chosen by the people. Here’s what he has to say:

“Panneerselvam has proven his mettle,” the actor said. “I have reservations about both of them [Panneerselvam and Sasikala]. But right now this guy has proven his mettle and is OK, and we’ll throw him out of his office if we feel he is incompetent again. That’s the will of people.”

“My anger has to come to a point of exasperation after years. I remember these broken promises for more than 40 years now. I am not blaming one party. It’s high time people (of Tamil Nadu) realize their responsibilities and come forward and say – ‘You told us what democracy means, but we get to call the shots. We are not getting it. We don’t need leaders. We are not sheep. We don’t need to be led. We want people who work for the nation just like who we are,” he added.

On being asked is Sasikala corrupted, the actor said, “They are all there…It’s a conglomeration of corruption. Let’s not pinpoint a lady.” He also cleared that Panneerselvam is not a friend.

“Panneerselvam is not a friend or a foe. He’s a tool to execute my democratic will. It doesn’t matter, we’ll find another tool much sharper than him if need be. That’s the direction we should take. In the name of equipoise, we can’t get blunter and blunter tools so that we go back to Stone Age.”