Amazon is selling a bracelet that gives electric shock if you eat too much
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Amazon is selling a bracelet that gives electric shock if you eat too much

If you are struggling to limit your self from things that are tempting and drive you out of limit line, then there’s a new tool to help you curb bad habits – and it’s sold on Amazon.

Amazon is now selling the Pavlok bracelet that promises to help you sort your life out, whether your issue is spending too much time on the internet, biting your nails, oversleeping or overeating.

Basically, every time you step out of line, the strap will give you a 350-volt electric shock, just to give you a gentle reminder. Users have to administer the shocks themselves or the Pavlok app can be downloaded by friends so that they can give you a buzz if they catch you out. Some habits – particularly those that are sleep related, such as not waking up at the right time – can be automated via the app.

Priced at $199, the Pavlok has 150 shocks per charge, so, depending how much of a rule breaker you are, it could last quite a while.

The inventor of the device said,”It feels like if you were to touch a doorknob after rubbing your socks on the carpet.” He added “There’s a real power in using a little bit of pain to help you break your bad habits.”

While many users have claimed the device has helped them to change their eating habits, some criticised its quality. One user wrote, “Wrist band is a little awkward but it does allow for the contacts to be positioned close to your skin for the best results. I’ve only used the button on the device to administer the shock.”

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