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Apple Vision Pro Buyers Disappointed and Returning Headsets: Find Out Why

Apple Vision Pro buyers are returning their headsets after criticism from reviewers over its substantial construction during its January demonstration.

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Apple Vision Pro Buyers Disappointed and Returning Headsets Find Out Why

Apple Vision Pro Buyers Disappointed and Returning Headsets: Some Apple Vision Pro users appear to be returning their headgear. Upon its demonstration in early January, the highly anticipated and ambitious $3,500 headset from the Cupertino tech titan received criticism from multiple reviewers due to its substantial construction.

Following the headset’s release on the market on February 2, final consumers have also expressed dissatisfaction with the headset’s discomfort. There has been an increase in Apple Vision Pro returns before the return window on February 16, according to The Verge.

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Users of Apple Vision Pro experience eye strain and headaches.

Notably, Apple provides a 14-day return policy for products purchased in the United States, which includes Apple Vision Pro. Those who purchased the mixed-reality headset on the date of its release (February 2) are permitted to return the item by February 16. Many users cite comfort as the primary cause for their return, according to the report.

Multiple Reddit and YouTube users have reported that the Apple Vision Pro’s cumbersome design and inadequate weight distribution cause it to feel uncomfortable on the face. Furthermore, users have indicated that the Apple Vision Pro headset is not optimal for extended periods of use. After only ten minutes of use, the mixed-reality headgear is reportedly causing headaches.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised regarding the blurred nature of the virtual app overlay that appears above the users’ line of sight, resulting in eye strain. An additional user remarked that the sole advantageous feature of Apple Vision Pro is its capability to display movies and videos.

Several users have also complained that the Apple Vision Pro suffers from first-generation product fallacies, including shaky multitasking and software incompatibility, despite the announcement of 600 dedicated applications by Apple, among others. Users may be better off delaying the release of the second-generation product until Apple addresses several comfort and design concerns.

Conversely, individuals who have initiated the process of returning their Apple Vision Pro have expressed a seamless experience. Purchasers must return Vision Pro to the Apple Store in its original state, accompanied by all original components, accessories, and packaging. Individuals who have acquired prescription ZEISS lenses will be required to commence the return procedure via the order listing page.

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