Author: Anas Tanwir & Sanobar Fatma

Opinion | A Majoritarian Police Raj

A Majoritarian Police Raj

In the diverse culture of our country, it has been a policy to accommodate multiple religious beliefs. As India rapidly transforms – its public places have become the testing grounds for its famed multiculturalism – as to what is acceptable and unacceptable public behavior. But in what can be termed[Read More…]

Demystifying the Darul Qaza

Demystifying the Darul Qaza

The modern state has tried to revamp social order and the citizen. Institutions are created to ensure that citizens are respectful of the law, believe in ideas of order and discipline, become economically productive and peacefully coexist. The recent declaration of AIMPLB to start Sharia Courts or Darul Qazas in[Read More…]

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