Author: Prateek Shukla

J for 'Disruption'

J for ‘Disruption’

A for Apple, B for Bat, C for Cat, J for disruption. If you are thinking why not D for disruption. Think again. J for Jio and Jio has become the new synonym for disruption.  Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio repeated the storm which left other players bereft just like[Read More…]

Delhi Diaries: From serenity to city

Delhi Diaries: From serenity to city

Can you describe your life in a single word? I can. ‘New’- this word summarises my life right now. New job, new people, new accommodation, new expectations, new city. I belong to Lucknow and have just finished my post-graduation in journalism from one of India’s reputed media schools in Dhenkanal,[Read More…]

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