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Bartender Appreciation Day 2023: Activities, History, FAQs, and Dates

Bartenders, alternatively referred to as mixologists, barkeepers, bar chefs, and food servers, maintain our company, serve beverages and food, and may even impart a few anecdotes.

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Bartender Appreciation Day 2023 Activities, History, FAQs, and Dates

Bartender Appreciation Day 2023: Bartender Appreciation Day is this year on December 2, the first Friday of December, and we cannot wait to express our gratitude to these bartenders! Bartenders, alternatively referred to as mixologists, barkeepers, bar chefs, and food servers, maintain our company, serve beverages and food, and may even impart a few anecdotes. We would like to extend a toast to the bartenders who work late hours at our preferred restaurants, taverns, and pubs.

Bartender Appreciation Day History

This occupation dates back to the time of the dinosaurs when the planet was still inhabited. I am joking! However, they were present in ancient Greece and Rome, operating within public drinking houses that also served as locations for social gatherings. During the 15th century, these individuals were commonly referred to as “innkeepers” in Europe. They labored for centuries. Bartenders were typically male or female innkeepers or proprietors of alehouses who distilled their own alcoholic beverages. Due to the early social disapproval of alcohol, the occupation had a negative reputation.

Taverns and similar establishments came to symbolize significant venues for writers and professionals to transact business, while bartenders attained elevated social standings. With the expansion of colonialism came the appearance of bartenders in the New World.

Twenty-first-century developments significantly impacted the bartending industry in the United States. This vocation attained widespread esteem throughout the nation and even ranked among the most lucrative. Jerry Thomas, a renowned mixologist at the time, reportedly earned more than the vice president of the United States at the time.

Prohibition prohibited the sale, consumption, production, and transportation of alcoholic beverages in the United States during the 20th century; consequently, renowned American taverns were substituted with illicit speakeasies. Bartenders pursued alternative vocations or relocated to major metropolitan areas such as London and Paris. The frequent visits of American drinkers who lamented their former haunts caused the term “American bars” to become synonymous with these cities. Prominent hotels such as the Savoy in London and the Ritz in Paris emerged as cocktail destinations, with their bars continually offering delectable new concoctions. During the era of American speakeasies, innovative beverages and concoctions were being created. An example of an invention that emerged during the Prohibition Era was the gin and tonic.

After prohibition was lifted, cocktail lounges and taverns proliferated throughout the United States. With the establishment of bartending institutions, an increasing number of individuals decided to pursue bartending as a profession.

Jerry Rum, a sailor, established Bartender Appreciation Day as a way to recognize all those who work in this industry. They chose early December in particular because Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, and Fridays are among the busiest days of the year for bartenders. Sailor Jerry has also been advocating for the designation of this day as paid leave for bartenders in a petition. Additionally, the brand collaborates with other organizations to organize competitions and special events, and conducts voting contests to determine the best mixologist in the country. In the past, they have even provided bartenders with complimentary pizza, clothing, and taxi transportation home.

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FAQs Regarding Bartender Appreciation Day

Which day does National Bartender Day occur?

National Bartender Day is observed on the initial Friday of December and is also referred to as Bartender Appreciation Day. This day celebrates the dedication bartenders have shown in ensuring that our leisure experience was enjoyable.

World Bartender Day is a day that?

World Bartender Day is a celebration observed globally in recognition of bartenders. It is annually observed on February 24.

In what manner should one express gratitude towards a bartender?

Complimenting their bartending skills, recognizing their focus on the task at hand, extending them respect, having faith in their ability to perform their duties, and being receptive to their suggestions are all viable approaches. Additionally, maintain proper conduct and refrain from being a negative customer.

Bartender Appreciation Day 2023 Activities

Patronize your preferred bartender

Additionally, explain why they are your favorites. Manifest your gratitude for a task well executed, and observe their eyes illuminate.

Extend an expression of appreciation

Similar to significant physical expressions, it is the intention that matters. Extend gratitude and appreciation to the bartenders you encounter on this day in any manner that suits your taste. A substantial portion of their revenue is derived from gratuities; therefore, it is kind to increase the amount you leave as a gratuity, purchase them a beverage (if they agree), or simply share a few laughs with them.

Make their work somewhat simpler.

When appropriate, hail a taxi; refrain from being the obnoxious inebriated; and abide by the rules. Model patrons reduce the burden of their headache while simultaneously ensuring their own safety.


Year Date Day
2023 December 1 Friday
2024 December 6 Friday
2025 December 5 Friday
2026 December 4 Friday


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