Bhopal: Embarrassed with husband's Brahmanic ponytail, woman seeks divorce
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Bhopal: Embarrassed with husband’s Brahmanic ponytail, woman seeks divorce

In a strange case reported from Bhopal, a married couple seeks divorce after wife was face with high embarrassment from neighbours over husband’s Brahmanic ponytail. When the woman asked her husband to cut off the ponytail, husband refused following which,, the couple decided to separate ways.

As per the reports, few years ago parents of the man died in an unfortunate accident. Since the man belonged to a Brahman family, he followed the Brahmanic rituals of paying the last rites. Accordingly, the man shaved his head and vowed to keep a ponytail in respect to his parent’s demise.

However, this brought a major embarrassment to his wife as people in the neighbourhood mocked her husband by calling him ‘Panditji’.

When the wife asked him to cut off his ponytail, the husband refused and said he would follow the Brahmanic principles which asks him to keep the ponytail.

The husband said that despite he loves his wife and tries to fulfill all her desires, his wife is adamant on seeking divorce from him.

Going by the reports, wife, who is an MBA by profession, has been living with her parents from past six months. Her husband is an executive engineer by profession.

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