Brazilian prisoner who dressed up as daughter to escape found dead

A Brazilian prisoner, Clauvino da Silva who made an unsuccessful attempt to escape from prison on Monday, August 4, was found dead in his cell on Tuesday, August 5.

On Saturday, Clauvino da Silva attempted to escape prison by dressing up as his teenage daughter’s disguise, wearing wig, black bra, jeens and T-shirt to make the escape.

According to Guardian’s report Silva had also left his daughter in prison while trying to escape. Silva was caught after he asked for the daughter’s ID card at the prison entrance, the officers noticed the disguise and asked him to strip in front of the camera, following which the video has since gone viral on the internet.

Silva was serving a 73-year sentence in the Rio de Janeiro prison for his role in the Red Command drug faction. He was moved to solitary confinement.

Watch: Brazilian prisoner dresses up as daughter to escape, gets caught

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