Delhi’s air quality improves to ‘severe’

Air pollution may weaken your bones

Besides respiratory infections, regular exposure to air pollution, especially the sooty black material emitted from gas and diesel engines, may also increase the risk of bone fractures, finds a study. The study is significant as Delhi and National Capital Region continue to witness bad air quality for several days in[Read More…]

Dental care may curb obesity in children

Worried about your child’s obesity problems? It’s high time you curbed his love for sugary drinks and junk food. A little focus on dental care may also prevent your child gaining excess weight, says a new study. The study found a direct relationship between poor dental health leading to a[Read More…]


Unemployment may lead your child towards negligence

Is your child getting neglected while you are busy hunting for a job? Beware, unemployment problems lead to child neglect as parents have limited resources to fulfil their child’s basic necessities, reveals a new study. The study defines that if any child is getting neglected or abused, either by emotional,[Read More…]

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