Environment Day: How Climate Change Opened the Door for COVID-19

The year 2020 started with a variety of distressing news. Australian bushfire, melting of New Zealand glaciers, Taal volcano eruption,…

June 5, 2020

The pandemic and the rise of petty tyrants

Traditionally conceived to represent urbans and sub urbans interests, Resident Welfare Associations have metamorphosed into narrow-minded and bigoted groups of…

May 30, 2020

What Solicitor General got wrong in his reference to Kevin Carter’s photograph? Everything!

SG Mehta used Carter’s death to make a point about the Indian journalists who have been highlighting how a health crisis has spiraled into a humanitarian crisis

May 29, 2020

As US Stalls, China is Eyeing for Global Leadership

US President Donald Trump accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of going soft on China over the COVID-19 pandemic and…

May 27, 2020

What the future of learning may look like?

Online education is not new. In fact a large number of open universities, and even regular universities were offering large…

May 22, 2020

Impact and role of social media during COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown

Creativity flooded the social media platforms. Be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter, content creating has become a prime…

May 17, 2020

‘Not all men’ defence mechanism shows that things aren’t going to change anytime soon

Similarly, in most of the brown households, parents keep justifying the misbehaviour of their son, with their bang line ‘boys…

May 8, 2020

The Rise of Mental Health Crisis during the Pandemic

As reported by the American Psychological Association, it is possible that social isolation leads to a highly affected sleep cycle, poor cardiovascular…

May 3, 2020

What happens if Governor Koshyari refuses to nominate CM Thackeray as an MLC?

To continue as CM, as per Article 164 (4), Thackeray must become a member of the State Legislature before expiry of…

April 30, 2020

India approaches Plasma Therapy for COVID 19 with caution

Plasma therapy uses plasma of recovered patients so that its antibodies can detect the virus and mitigate its growth.

April 30, 2020

Opinion: Corona & Change – A Theosophical Perspective

So what makes Covid-19 so special? Beware the Ides of March - echoes, as the world continues to go into…

April 17, 2020

Opinion: What plagues in Islamic past teach us about response to pandemics

Islam calls for acts that’d help preserve lives. Muslims should adhere to restrictions imposed to contain the novel coronavirus, as…

April 13, 2020

COVID crisis has put a spotlight on health systems and response around the world

Amongst the European countries, Germany has reported a very low mortality rate due to COVID at 0.6 percent (the mortality…

March 31, 2020

How coronavirus and measures to contain it will impact poor in India

This is probably the first time in the history of independent India that such measures have been imposed for a…

March 25, 2020

Overcoming social challenges associated with Covid-19 outbreak

Getting quarantined or self-quarantining due to lock down as a precautionary measure is not as easy as it seems.

March 23, 2020

Women’s Day 2020: Time to talk about ‘Sharma ji ki ladki’ alongside ‘ladka’, ways in which women thrash sexist stereotypes

We all have heard enough about ‘Sharma Ji ka ladka’ all our lives but this women’s day let’s hear about…

March 8, 2020

International Women’s Day 2020: How women in India have become more independent about their choices!

Are the women in India able to represent their choices in terms of dating? Are the women in India comfortable…

March 8, 2020

Markets in the time of Coronavirus Outbreak

Economists expect 2.8% global growth this year, the weakest since 2009. These fears about the effect of the Coronavirus outbreak…

February 29, 2020

Communal violence in Delhi: The global reaction and where India is headed as a nation

Violence in Delhi has been widely covered globally. The Guardian called this the “worst religious violence for decades” and discussed…

February 27, 2020

Loneliness of a constitutional dream

The predominant theme of the survey—emphasised strongly in the eponymous first chapter—is wealth creation.

February 22, 2020

Constitution: A tool of Resistance today as well as in Colonial Era

The 1857 constitution also shows the uses of Urdu/Persian and English terminologies. The use of Urdu/Persian script by the rebels…

February 4, 2020

A Winter of Protests and What It Achieved

After initial reports of violence, these demonstrations have been peaceful and India, in its harshest winters since independence, ushered in…

January 17, 2020

Why is constitutionalism and the students in India are challenges to the government?

The civil society holds greater concepts of secularism, justice, equality, freedom and dissenting in a democracy which holds the constitution…

January 15, 2020

The people’s movements and protests that defined the decade

The protests against discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of citizens that started in many parts of Assam and…

December 31, 2019

Opinion | Why I do not support the Citizenship Amendment Bill

The CAB paves the way for citizenship to lakhs of illegal immigrants living in various parts of the country, even…

December 11, 2019