An Ordinary Person’s Guide to PMLA

On the evening of 8th November, when the PM announced demonetization of the currency notes of 500 and 1000 denomenations, amongst several arguments on why of this news, was an intention to shock black money hoarders. I innocently assumed then that for the benefit of poor Jan Dhan Yojna account[Read More…]

Why Liverpool will win the Premier League

Liverpool is one football club which will never cease to amaze fans and neutrals alike. Set aside the Burnley anomaly, the Reds have played some breathtaking football this season. Grinding out results have been a recurring problems for the Reds. They seem to have now addressed that problem albeit still[Read More…]

Why International Men’s Day is a feminist cause

If there is a day that is more mocked than celebrated, it is the 19th of November,  commemorated as International Men’s Day. Founded in 1999, International Men’s Day (IMD) is intended to promote international reflection and incite action in support of men’s health and well-being, gender equality, improving gender relations[Read More…]

COP 22 Is An Opportunity To Create An Equitable Future

  One year after countries finalising the Paris agreement on climate change, countries are currently meeting for the annual ‘Conference of Parties’ or COP. This COP, taking place in Marrakech, Morocco, has been labelled a ‘COP of action’. Yet, one week into the negotiations, there’s very little evidence that countries[Read More…]

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