When will people debate on foreign policies?

In a republic, it is important to understand the public debates on issues like foreign policy. “Ye jo public hai sab jaanti hai” is a popular song of Bollywood movie called ‘Roti’. Does public know everything if yes, then why the public is not vocal on the issues of foreign policy? Is it[Read More…]

A disquiet border and a vulnerable state

The empty chest thumping indulged by the Modi Government has resulted in a disquiet border and made our national security more vulnerable.   While condemning the frequent terror attacks on our officers and soldiers, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, in his recent speech to the Congress Parliamentary meeting, highlighted the[Read More…]

Breaths around brushstrokes

Which child has not got a kick out of getting the hurriedly-done, slightly disproportionate and perhaps doodled portrait right? It could be the portrait of a leader or a popular actor. There is something about portraits that gets children hooked. I was enchanted too. It also helped that we had[Read More…]

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