Democracy has been squashed in BHU

An illustration of what happens when the right wing takes over an institution. I have been in our Prime Minister’s constituency, Varanasi, for the past few days. I, along with representatives of various other student organizations, was invited here by the students who are at the receiving end of the[Read More…]

Parent Flogging?

If you are a young boy or girl reading this you just mentally visualised this scene and if you are a parent your just about scandalised with the title. I’ve been taught from my earliest years by my parents and subsequently been scolded and given the occasional  tap on the[Read More…]

The Growth of Urdu Journalism in Lucknow

Being the city of Nawabs and ‘cultural centre’ of Northern India, Lucknow remained a good patron of literary activities. With political crises at Delhi, poets bereft of patronage left for Lucknow which provided them with some option and most of them permanently migrated. Mir Taqi Mir (d.1810) and Mirza Muhammad[Read More…]

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