Biryani is for all

I looked around apprehensively as I slowly munched on my beef biryani. My furtive glances were met with derision from other eaters in the run-down Muslim restaurant. My mind was fraught with several questions. Did my biryani contain cow’s meat or buffalo’s as many people thought that it did? What[Read More…]

Zaynab – Karbala’s braveheart

In the afternoon of 10th of Moharrum, in 61 AH (10th October, 680 AD), the day we commemorate as Ashoor, a woman was running from the khaimagaah (tents)  to a small hillock near it. A lady who like her mother, Janab e Fatima Zehra valued pardah, ran out of the khaimagaah[Read More…]

The road for Delhi to go solar

Every summer, Delhi, the capital of India is reeling under power crisis. In 2016, the electricity demand touched 6,260 MW, double the demand of Mumbai and three times more than the demand of Chennai and Kolkata, in fact, the demand of the entire North East region is also less than[Read More…]

Silence of the Dialogue

Dr. Manmohan Singh is a man of few words, but his innate quality to have his say on crucial issues provides a rare toughness to his character. On his 85th Birthday, let us traverse his journey and explore this perspective of the man who has contributed so much to India.[Read More…]

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