Mobs in Bangladesh vandalise Hindu temples and homes

Unruly mobs in Bangladesh’s Brahmanbaria district vandalised and looted at least 15 temples along with hundreds of Hindu community houses. This comes in the aftermath of a social media post allegedly showing disrespect towards Islam. Police have filed two cases against more than 1,000 people over Sunday’s attack, a media[Read More…]

Iraqi heritage sites at risk in Mosul operation

As Iraqi forces close in on Mosul, the jihadists’ last main bastion in the country, officials say IS has fighters deployed at or near archaeological sites. This has put Iraqi heritage sites at risk during the operation to retake Mosul from the jihadists. In 2014 IS had vandalised the Mosul museum after[Read More…]

Nepal drains dangerous Imja Tsho glacial lake near Mount Everest

Nepal has successfully drained part of a giant glacial lake near Mount Everest, averting risk of a disastrous flood that could have threatened thousands of lives, officials said on Monday. The Imja glacial lake, at nearly 5,000m (16,400ft) high, was in danger of flooding downstream settlements, trekking trails and bridges.[Read More…]

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