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College Colors Day 2023 U.S: Date, History, Significance, Facts

It is said that Vanderbilt's family chose the colours black and gold to signify his success in the coal industry and his wealth, respectively.

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College Colors Day 2023

College Colors Day 2023 U.S.: Every year on the Friday before Labour Day, students, parents, family, faculty, admirers, and alumni across the United States celebrate College Colours Day. This year’s event occurs on September 1. By wearing your school’s colours and apparel, you demonstrate school spirit and pride.

When attending a college game and seeing cheerleaders, athletes, faculty and peers all wearing school colours in the stands and on the pitch, it is difficult to maintain a casual demeanour. that amazing!

Whether you are still in school or your college days are a distant memory, put on your old college t-shirts or watch your favourite college football game just for today. Genuine colours and character run deep


When it comes to universities, school colours are more than just an accessory. They are an extension of a school’s identity and, for many individuals, a symbol of identity or pride. Numerous institutions select their colour schemes with great care. Whether you were involved in the creative arts, athletics, or finance, you probably have a personal connection to your school’s colours.

College Licencing Company established College Colours Day in 2004, allowing supporters to wear the apparel of their favourite college or university throughout the day. Who is the CLC, you may inquire? They are the licencing division for over 200 U.S. institutions. The CLC is largely responsible for providing the college-branded merchandise we value so highly today. It is renowned for developing brand licencing and creating a massive fan base for the University of Alabama with Bear Bryant in 1981. From Boston College to Stanford University, it is likely that they licenced your koozies, jerseys, and branded caps.

In the past few years, the CLC’s sales have skyrocketed, despite the anticipated increase in degree-seeking students. Recently, we’ve seen celebrities wearing the apparel of universities they most likely never attended. This demonstrates that there is a nostalgic aspect to fashion that transcends personal attachments. College apparel has evolved from an elitist group consisting of only students and alumni to a symbol of honour and a place to which one is loyal. Which is essentially the purpose of the holiday: discovering pride in your “home” and a sense of community through loyalty.

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College Colors Day 2023 U.S: ACTIVITIES

Take a #familyphoto, #selfie, or #squadphoto to demonstrate your school patriotism.

Show your college pride by donning the colours of your favourite team with your peers. Nothing says “GO TEAM!” more than a selfie with your crew wearing your school’s colours (don’t neglect to use #CollegeColors!)

Attend or view your preferred college football contest

On game day, college campuses are one of the liveliest places to be; walking around, you’d assume everyone had just won the lottery! The ideal college celebration involves tailgating and viewing a football game with friends. There is no more comprehensive college experience than game day.

Plan a night out with your fellow college students.

College is not only a site for sports, traditions, and entertainment, but also for forming lifelong friendships. To demonstrate school loyalty, organise a gathering with your closest college friends. Recall the glory days, relive the traditions, and demonstrate how the college spirit exists in each of you.

College Colors Day 2023 U.S: FACTS

  • In 1895, students at the University of Arkansas voted on their school colours.
  • The University of Florida adopted its two colours as a tribute to the two institutions that merged to form UF: University of Florida at Lake City (blue) and East Florida Seminary (orange and black).
  • It is said that Vanderbilt’s family chose the colours black and gold to signify his success in the coal industry and his wealth, respectively.
  • For UM, orange represents the tree’s fruit, green represents its foliage, and white represents its flowers.
  • Orange and white daisies were discovered growing on the premises in 1889. Charles Moore, the president of UT’s athletic association, admired the colours and adopted them as the university’s official colours.


Year Date Day
2022 September 2 Friday
2023 September 1 Friday
2024 August 30 Friday
2025 August 29 Friday
2026 September 4 Friday