Colonel Raj Kapoor's demise evokes nostalgia to Shah Rukh Khan; actor remember's Fauji director

Colonel Raj Kapoor’s demise evokes nostalgia to Shah Rukh Khan; actor remember’s Fauji director

The director who introduced Shah Rukh Khan with the television show Fauji, Colonel Raj Kapoor passed away at a hospital in Delhi on Wednesday night due to age-related issues. He was 87.

Upon his demise, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan extended his condolences and remembered Kapoor with the time he had spent during his debut show Fauji. He became nostalgic as it was him who gave a major break to the superstar in the first place.

Taking to the Twitter, Shah Rukh Khan said that the late director “made a fauji out of a boy, like his own”.

Shekhar Kapur too recalled the time Colonel Raj Kapoor introduced him to Shah Rukh Khan saying, “Watch this young man.”

King Khan responded to his tweet adding, “And he was so jovial, Somehow in the midst of all stresses he had a way that could make u smile away ur (sic) troubles.”

Kapoor retired from the army after he became a disciple of Osho and moved to Mumbai to work in films. He produced many serials and acted in full-length and ad films. Just a few years ago, he published a novel When Shiva Smiles.

In Samar Khan’s book titled SRK – 25 Years of a Life, Kapoor had penned an essay. He had shared his thoughts on being known as “the man who made ‘Fauji’ and therefore, by default, made Shah Rukh Khan”.

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