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Commemoration Day 2023 (UAE): Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts About Military Commemoration

The day is designated to commemorate, honor, and acknowledge the patriotism and selflessness of the Emirati martyrs who died in the United Arab Emirates while serving in the military, civil service, or humanitarian efforts.

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Commemoration Day 2023 Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts About Military Commemoration

Commemoration Day 2023: December 1 is annually observed as Commemoration Day (also known as Martyrs’ Day) in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). It honors, commemorates, and acknowledges Emirati martyrs who died while serving in the military, civil service, or humanitarian efforts in the United Arab Emirates. In 2015, it was observed on November 30, and in 2019, it was moved to December 1.

The History of Commemoration Day

Peace entails a society where individuals can pursue their careers, fall in love, and raise their children with affection, among other things. In almost every society on earth, peace has been fought for and gained through the blood and sweat of countless soldiers and civilians who gave their lives at some point in time. Emirati martyrs who died in the line of duty for their nation are commemorated on Commemoration Day.

The incident that resulted in Salem Bin Khamis Al Dahmani’s death occurred shortly before the U.A.E. was formed on November 30, 1971. During an expedition into Abu Musa, the Greater and Lesser Tunbs, Iranian naval forces launched an impromptu attack after British forces withdrew.

During August 2015, the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, declared November 30, the date of this courageous officer’s death, a national holiday in honor of those who gave their lives for the country. Commemoration Day was observed annually on November 30 from 2015 to 2019, until December 1, when the date changed.

There are many different names for Commemoration Day in different countries. Various nations designate this day as Martyrs’ Day, Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day, Decoration Day, or Remembrance Day, but the underlying concept remains consistent: commemorating these momentous sacrifices.

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FAQs On Commemoration Day

What significance does Commemoration Day hold?

By commemorating the martyrs’ sacrifices, it serves as a reminder of their heroic contribution to humanity.

In what location is Commemoration Day observed?

Many nations honor departed soldiers on Commemoration Day, including the United Arab Emirates.

Is Martyrs’ Day observed as a national holiday in the United Arab Emirates?

In the United Arab Emirates, both public and private organizations observe it as a holiday.

How to Observe the Day of Commemoration

Pay homage to

Honor those who valiantly fought for peace in the U.A.E. by remembrance of their valiant deeds.

A one-minute observance of silence

On December 30, join fellow community members in commemorating the martyrs’ legacy.

Present presents

Extend some affection to the surviving members of the martyred’s family by bestowing upon them gifts and presents.

Five Military Commemoration Day Facts

The poppy is the national emblem of the United Kingdom.

As a mark of remembrance, British citizens wear poppy badges and observance brooches.

At first, it was called Armistice Day.

Originally designated “Armistice Day” in 1919, Commemoration Day paid homage to the armistice agreement that formally terminated the First World War on November 11, 1918.

Numerous countries observe it.

China, the UAE, India, and the US are just a few nations that observe Commemoration Day.

America observes it as Veterans Day.

Veterans Day has been observed since 1954 instead of Armistice Day.

A national holiday has arrived.

During Commemoration Day, a national holiday in the United Arab Emirates, all government and public establishments remain closed for three hours.


Year Date Day
2023 December 1 Friday
2024 December 1 Sunday
2025 December 1 Monday
2026 December 1 Tuesday
2027 December 1 Wednesday


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