Dastkar Monsoon Mela 2019 flourishes the dying handmade art
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Dastkar Monsoon Mela 2019 flourishes the dying handmade art

Dastkar’s inaugural Monsoon Mela celebrates 80 types of Indian crafts among the traditional embroideries from different parts of the country.

The 12 day fair aims at showcasing contemporary objects that range from home décor and furnishing products to lifestyle accessories and hand-woven textiles.

The traditional crafts featured include Lambani embroidery, which is largely practiced in southern and central India by the banjaras, a semi-nomadic tribe. Sujini embroidery from Bihar which is characterized by a running stitch, it has traditionally been used by women for several household practices. The popular mirror work from Gujarat which can be recognized by its classic bright and colorful stitches encompassing small mirrors.

“People these days are not aware of their cultural heritage and to make them aware about it Dastkar was started. Various events are organized and each of them differs from one another,” says Shelly Jain, Head of program and People Team, Dastkar.

The mela that will be held at Nature Bazaar in Chhatarpur, Delhi will come to a close on September 2.

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