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Dead by Daylight Bugfix Patch 7.2.2 Notes, Gameplay, Trailer, and More

To conceal themselves from the Killer, Survivors may sprint, walk, crouch, or crawl.

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Dead by Daylight Bugfix Patch 7.2.2 Notes, Gameplay, Trailer, and More

Dead by Daylight Bugfix Patch 7.2.2: “Dead by Daylight” is an online video game in which four players work together as Survivors to flee from a deadly Killer. The Killer’s mission is to capture and sacrifice the Survivors to a sinister entity known as the Entity. In order to escape, Survivors must collaborate to repair five generators and unlock exit gates while evading the Killer.

The game was initially published for Windows in 2016, with subsequent releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, PlayStation 5, Stadia, and Xbox Series X/S. Behaviour Interactive, a Canadian studio, created it. The game was initially published by Starbreeze Studios, but Behaviour Interactive took over in 2018. Versions for numerous platforms are managed by different companies.

Despite initial mixed assessments, “Dead by Daylight” gained over 50 million players and became immensely popular. Blumhouse Productions and Atomic Monster even adapted the novel into a film. It is an exciting and suspenseful survival horror game that pits peers against one another.

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The Gameplay

In “Dead by Daylight,” survival is the primary objective. One participant becomes the Killer, while the remaining four become the Survivors. Survivors’ objective is to flee the map, while the Killer’s is to capture and sacrifice them.

While avoiding the Killer, survivors must fix generators to power escape gates. If they are captured, the Killer can catch them three times, at which point they are sacrificed. Additionally, there is an exit that appears when only one Survivor remains.

To conceal themselves from the Killer, Survivors may sprint, walk, crouch, or crawl. They can drop obstacles known as pallets to momentarily stun the Killer. Killers have unique abilities, such as the ability to turn invisible or sprint with a chainsaw.

Helpful items for survivors include maps, keys, toolboxes, medical supplies, and flashlights. The Killer has a “terror radius” with a heartbeat sound, but some individuals are able to conceal it. As Survivors attempt to outwit the Killer and accomplish objectives, the game is full of chases and teamwork.

Survival requires strategy, cooperation, and quick thinking in this tense and exciting game.

Dead by Daylight Bugfix Patch 7.2.2 Notes


  • Reviewed the Remote Flame Turret placement logic to permit greater deployment flexibility.
  • Reduce the movement speed of the Tail Attack cooldown from 2 to 1.2 m/s when it misses or is blocked.


  • Added consistency to the descriptions of Blast Mine, Chemical Trap, and Wiretap.
  • Added a visual effect for when the Chemical Trap vanishes on its own.

Bug Corrections

Alien Xenomorph

Upon exiting a tunnel, the Xenomorph is unable to see Idle Crows.

Players can now progress accurately towards The Onryo’s “Viral Video” achievement

The Xenomorph is now able to properly demolish malfunctioning turrets.

Fixed an issue where the Xenomorph’s normal movement pace could persist after using the Tail Attack to kill a Survivor.

Fixed a rare issue in which The Xenomorph could become unable to depart the tunnels.

Resolved a rare bug in which The Xenomorph could plummet through the ground

Added Advantage

The Adrenaline Perk now grants the correct health bonus after self-unhooking.

The footprints of the Skull Merchant There are no longer any absent SFX where she is examining the radar.

Spark explosions on the Nostromo map are now audible.


Fixed an issue that caused the UI to be hidden when repeatedly pressing the ESC key to end a match.

The characters

The right paw of the Pig no longer lacks animations when moving with a survivor.

A bug that caused the Camera to travel backward when leaning and stalking with Ghost Face has been resolved.

A bug that caused Vaulting Survivors to be misaligned during the Windows vault animation has been resolved.

A bug that caused The Hag Camera to be obscured when gazing up while wearing any outfit has been resolved.

Environment and Maps

  • Fixed a bug that caused trees on the Garden of Joy map to lose texture and have shadowy silhouettes when players sacrificed themselves on the hook.
  • Resolved an issue in Ormond where Bear-Traps would vanish beneath the snow
  • Corrected a bug in RPD that allowed players to ascend Wesker’s supply crate.
  • One-sided collisions on the Nostromo Wreckage have been fixed.

Known Problems

The fast vaults of survivors are not aligned with the anticipated animation, resulting in unequal distances between male and female survivors.

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