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Does Threads Show Who Viewed Your Profile? [2023]

By changing your account to a Private profile, you can restrict the audience that sees your postings on Threads

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Does Threads Show Who Viewed Your Profile? [2023]

Does Threads Show Who Viewed Your Profile: Currently, there is no way to see who has visited your profile on Threads or how frequently.

You can only determine whether someone has interacted with your post on Threads by looking at whether they liked, replied, reposted, or quoted it.

By changing your account to a Private profile, you can restrict the audience that sees your postings on Threads. Anyone using Threads won’t be able to view your posts, the people you follow, or the people you follow.

On Threads, is it possible to check who has viewed your profile?

No. There is no way to tell who is currently seeing your profile or has viewed it in the past using the Threads app. When someone visits your profile, Threads doesn’t notify you in any way, nor does it let you know how frequently this happens. Checking engagements of your posts and looking at who has interacted with you are the only ways to find out who has seen your Threads postings.

There are many different ways to interact with a Threads post. If any of the following occur, you can be sure that someone has seen your post:

  1. They enjoyed your threaded post.
  2. They have commented on your post or have mentioned your username in a Threads post.
  3. On their Threads profile, they have either reposted or quoted your writing.

You may receive a notification from Threads in response to any of these interactions, allowing you to find out right away who or when has seen your post or profile.

When you view their Threads profile, do they know?

Others won’t be able to tell if or when you visit their Threads profile in the same way that you cannot see if someone has visited yours. As long as you don’t interact with any of their postings, the app won’t send any form of notification when you visit someone’s public or private profile on Threads.

When you visit someone’s Threads profile, they’ll immediately know about it and you’ll receive notifications when:

  1. A thread’s post that you found interesting.
  2. When publishing your work on Threads, you can comment or tag someone’s username.
  3. You share someone else’s post on your profile or quote it.

Unless you carry out any of the aforementioned acts on someone’s profile, you are free to browse their Threads profile as frequently as you like without being noticed.

Should you check who has viewed your profile using third-party services?

No. Although there may be a tonne of third-party apps and websites that offer to track visitors to your Threads profile, we strongly encourage you to avoid using such services since such a function is currently nonexistent. Any website or programme that now makes the claim that it can help you find visitors to your Threads profile is unreliable and probably fake.

You could lose access to your profile or, in the worst case scenario, your account could become unsecure for data breaches if you reveal your Threads account information or password to such services. Additionally, using such services can be against Instagram’s and Threads’ terms of service, and if your account is found to be doing so, you could face a temporary or permanent ban from the website.

Who has access to the content you post in Threads?

Who can view your content on Threads depends on how visible your Threads account is. They may view your posts and followers on Threads depends on the privacy level you choose for your account, which can be either Public or Private.

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If your threads profile is public:

  • Your submitted posts on Threads are visible to everyone.
  • Even if these users have secret accounts, everyone on Threads may view who you follow and who follows you.
  • Anyone has the ability to embed, quote, like, and repost posts from your profile.
  • Anyone on Threads has the option of sharing your Threads to their Instagram Story or sharing a link to your Threads post.

If your threads profile is private:

  • On Threads, the posts you share are only visible to your followers.
  • The people you follow and the people you follow can only be checked by your followers.
  • Posts from your profile can only be liked, reposted, or quoted by your followers. It is not possible to incorporate posts from a private profile elsewhere.
  • No one can publish your Threads post as their Instagram Story, but anyone can share a link to it.

All Threads members can view your profile information, including your profile photo, name, username, and bio, regardless of the variations between Public and Private profiles that we have already discussed.

Who may view your Threads profile? May that be restricted?

You can easily change your profile from Public to Private if you don’t want the posts you upload to Threads to be visible to everyone.

  • Open the Threads app on your phone, select your profile tab, and hit the two lines icon (located next to the Instagram icon) in the top right corner to restrict access to your Threads material to those who follow you.
  • This will launch the Threads Settings screen. Click on Privacy here.
  • Turn on the Private profile toggle at the top of the Privacy screen.

Only your followers will be able to see and respond to your posts on Threads when your public profile is immediately changed to a private one.

That is all there is to know regarding Threads’ ability to reveal who has viewed your profile.