Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019: Hits and misses at world’s premier gaming event

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019 is done and dusted and we take a look at this year’s hits and misses, which company shone above the rest, and which left us wanting. Here we present you, the major press conferences of the top annual gaming event.

Microsoft – Cyberpunk 2077 and Keanu Reeves

Microsoft showcased Halo Infinite…finally, and the much talked about Cyberpunk 2077, which has, guess who, Keanu Reeves in it. The tech giant revealed nearly 60 games!

Bethesda: Puts an excellent show

Bethesda showed some promise and put up a great show at E3 2019. The company announced release dates for few of their games, including Wolfenstein: Youngblood which is slated to release next month. Ghostwire: Tokyo, seems to be a top release a sought after game.

Ubisoft: Continues to look promising

Ubisoft press conference was more about the Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six games than any other announcement. The gaming giant did a decent presser.

Electronic Arts: Lacked anything new

EA had a three-hour long presentation and it felt short at introducing fresh ideas. The games it has presented were similar to those they have been releasing over the years. Star Wars Fallen: Jedi Order was the MVP for the company that boasts of its Sports-based video games.

Square Enix – Marvel’s Avengers steal the show

Square Enix showcased the first looks of the highly anticipated Marvel’s Avengers game. The presentation was executed pretty well by the gaming powerhouse. Enix also showed off a gameplay demo of the Final Fantasy VII remake. It also announced a music app at the event

Nintendo – Breath of Wild sequel is the star

Maybe there weren’t a whole bunch of surprises throughout the presser but one thing’s for sure, they closed out E3 with a bang. The announcement of Breath of the Wild sequel was a breathe of fresh air. Nintendo’s presser at E3 was short and action-packed.

Microsoft, Nintendo hacker pleads guilty

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