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Have been in four to five relationships but why only buzz about Dhoni: Actress Raai Laxmi

South actress Raai Laxmi’s hot appearance in promos of Julie 2 is already the talk of the town. Apart from that, she is also in the headlines for her earlier link-up with cricketer MS Dhoni. However, the actress looks quite confident to talk about the same.

When asked if her relationship with Dhoni affected her career, she told Deccan Chronicle, “It didn’t affect my career, but it seems to have made a permanent place in my reputation. So many years after it ended, I am still being asked about it. The strange part is that the headlines in Mumbai make it seem as if I am seeking publicity by talking about him — when in truth I’ve gotten over whatever existed between us a long time ago. I’ve been in four to five relationships since. No one asks about them, although my other boyfriends were well-known. Why only MS Dhoni?”

On how they met, the actress said, “I was a sports enthusiast from school, won many medals for games. I wasn’t crazy about any one sport. I wasn’t a cricket fan as such… just a sports fanatic when I met Dhoni. One thing led to another, and here I am still answering questions about him when I have moved on. He has moved on too.”

However, Laxmi is single right now. “I’ve realised it’s either a relationship or a career for me. So I’d rather concentrate on my work. Love can wait.”

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