Full Worm Supermoon 2019: Know all about the last supermoon of this year

Full Worm Supermoon 2019: Know all about the last supermoon of this year

Astronomy enthusiasts and moon lovers can now head to their terrace for the last time as the third and final supermoon of the year 2019 will take place on March 20. This will be the last supermoon of this year.

The full worm supermoon will witness another unique occurrence when a full moon and spring equinox will coincide with each other within four hours. The Old Farmer’s Almanac suggests that such an occurrence will take place in 19 years.

Let’s know in detail about this lunar occurrence, the time and significance related to it

Date and Time of full worm supermoon 2019

The supermoon of March which is also called the full worm supermoon will occur on March 20 at 9:43 pm. It will occur full night and will be at its peak later in the night. It can view the next day morning also. In the North American region it will be seen on March 20 whereas, in the European areas, it will be seen on March 21.

What is Full Worm Supermoon?

It is a phenomenon in which the moon is described at its closest point from the earth. The moon is brighter and larger than it is on regular days. According to the astronomers, the supermoon is 14% larger and 30% brighter. When the moon will be at its full perigee, it will be about 223,306 miles away from the earth.  This moon is special as it coincides with the March equinox that marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. In 2000, it was the last time when the spring equinox occurred.

Also, it is called the Full Worm Moon because during this time the ground begins to soften and the earthworms appear beneath the ground. More birds are seen flocking near to these worms to eat them thereby signifying the beginning of spring season.

If you missed seeing the super blood wolf moon in January or the full snow supermoon in Feb, then it is the last supermoon of this year and be ready to witness it this time.

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