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Glastonbury 2024: Headline rumours and Odds

What if you're not lucky? Not everything is lost. You can choose from many other great events in the UK that are much easier to get tickets for.

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Glastonbury 2024

Glastonbury 2024: It’s that time of year again: the race for Glastonbury tickets. This is both one of the most stressful and exciting times of the year. Friends are lost and new ones are made. It’s time to make plans. What if you’re not lucky? Not everything is lost. You can choose from many other great events in the UK that are much easier to get tickets for.

People who have never been to Glastonbury might wonder why they should go through all the trouble to get tickets for an event where they don’t know who will be playing. That’s because it’s Glastonbury, honey. As it turns out, the event is so huge that there will be something for everyone, no matter who is headlining. Let’s be honest, though: most of us are interested in the big names. Who will hit the right note to end the show at the Pyramid on Sunday night? Could 2024 be the year that Harry Styles finally climbs the pyramid stage? Will the Swifties finally get what they want?

Some of the bands that played at Worthy Farm last year were Elton John, Arctic Monkeys, and Guns N’ Roses. The list was controversial because it didn’t have any female headliners. But, as Emily Eavis suggested to Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw on their podcast not long ago, that might not happen in 2024. According to Eavis, it’s hard for female acts because there aren’t enough big names. “But we’re also making them.” The bands and female singers are being brought through more often and on smaller stages, so I think the pool will get bigger soon. We might even get two next year… I’m sure I can say that the tale is a woman.

As always, there have been a lot of rumors going around about who will be performing at Glastonbury next June. However, no official decisions have been made yet. We’ve looked through all of them and think we have a pretty good list of people who might (but not definitely will) be on the 2024 bill. Remember, though, that anything could happen.

Glastonbury 2024: Headline rumours and Odds

Odds on Madonna: 1/2

Surprisingly, the original Queen of Pop has never played at Glastonbury before. You could say that Madonna has been invited for a long time. This would also be a good time: she just made a stunning comeback with the start of her long-awaited Celebration Tour, which drew huge crowds to London’s O2.

Someone named Emily Eavis was at one of the shows, and she even said on the podcast with Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw, “everyone knows that I’ve always wanted Madonna to play Glastonbury.” Eavis also gave hints that the festival’s main act is a “huge American artist,” and she promised at least one female main act for 2024. It looks like everything fits, right?

Odds on Coldplay: 4/6

Reports say that Coldplay is in “advanced talks” to play the main stage at Glastonbury for a fifth time. A new album is expected to come out in 2024, and they just recently said that they would be touring Europe next summer as part of their “Music of the Spheres” tour, leaving a strange gap in their schedule that looks a lot like Glastonbury.

The band hasn’t played in public since 2016, and they’ve already been the main act four times, so it might be too soon for them to come back. Chris Martin, the band’s lead singer, also likes to make cameos. In 2019, he showed up on both Stormzy and Kylie’s sets.

Odds 7/1 for Beyoncé

Queen B’s Renaissance World Tour ended in October, and she doesn’t play many event dates. But what she did on the Pyramid stage in 2011 will go down in Worthy Farm history, so let’s hope she comes back for round two.

Pink Floyd have odds of 5/1

Could the famous rock band come back to Worthy Farm next summer? It’s not impossible. They just put out their first album of new music in almost twenty years, called “Hackney Diamonds,” and they’re allegedly going on tour to promote it. The band also played the main stage at the festival in 2013. Ronnie Wood told NME that he’d “love” to play the event again: “I’d love it,” I said. I believe it is necessary. If not this year, then… If not the Faces, then the Stones.

Odds 4/1 for Rihanna

Oh, Ri-Ri. Several rumors spread that Rihanna would play at Glastonbury 2023. However, she showed off her new baby bump during her Super Bowl performance, which made it clear that she would not be going. But what if we see the “Umbrella” singer down on the farm in 2024? It’s likely that she will go on tour with her first new record since 2016 when it comes out. Very interesting.

Bruce Springsteen: 1/10 odds

There is a good chance that The Boss will show up at Worthy Farm next year. He has already set plans for the UK and Europe from May to July of next year. One of the dates falls over Glasto weekend. Bruce Springsteen last headlined the event in 2009 and played during Paul McCartney’s set in 2022, but he is still the clear favorite to do so again next summer.

Dave, the odds are 5/2

This has been a great year for Santan Dave. His longest-running number-one song, “Sprinter,” which he made with Central Cee, is now out. The rapper hasn’t played at the event in his own set since 2019, but he did play as a guest on Cench’s Other Stage set at Glastonbury 2023. Since last summer, two years ago, a rapper was the main act at the event. Will Dave be seen as big enough to take the top spot on the Pyramid?

Chances of Dua Lipa: 1/2

In 2023, everyone thought Dua Lipa would join her friend Elton John onstage during his main set, and many people were let down when she didn’t. She has been teasing new music lately, though, and she hasn’t played the event since 2017, so it seems likely that she will be there next summer.

Harry Styles has odds of 9/1.

It’s always fun to hear about Harry Styles going to Glasto. We don’t have a lot of proof for this, but as far as we can tell, Harry hasn’t announced any shows for next year yet. Lots of fans thought he’d be a special guest in both 2022 and 2023, but the ex-One Direction star didn’t show up.

Pulp has odds of 12/1

Everyone thought Pulp would get the special Pyramid slot on Saturday, June 9, 2023, at Glastonbury. But when Foo Fighters came on, our hopes of a mass “Common People” sing-along were dashed. Still, maybe they’ll keep getting together until 2024, after a big New Year’s Eve party in Edinburgh.

Odds 6/1 for the Spice Girls

It’s been going around that the famous girl group will get back together for their 30th anniversary in 2024. And even though Ginger Spice’s Geri Horner talked about the rumors in an August interview with The Sunday Times, she said there were no plans for her to show up, you never know at Glasto. We hope that they give us what we all really, really want.

Taylor Swift: Probably not

I’m sorry, swifties. This year, it doesn’t look like the celebrity will be playing Worthy Farm: Tay-Tay’s Eras Tour Dublin will be at the event all three nights. But you should never say never, right?