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1800 pilgrims from Gujarat stranded in Haridwar return in 28 luxury buses amid lockdown

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Coronavirus Lockdown: Several people from Ahmedabad who were stranded at Haridwar thanked Union Minister Mansukhbhai Mandaviya, Home Minister Amit Shah and Chief Minister Vijay Rupani for their return home.

The buses had been arranged by the Gujarat government, the official said.

“Around 1,800 people from different districts of Gujarat were stranded in Haridwar in Uttarakhand due to the lockdown. They are being brought back in 28 buses thanks to the efforts of Union ministers Amit Shah and Mansukhbhai Mandaviya, and Chief Minister Vijay Rupani,” Secretary to the chief minister, Ashwani Kumar, said.

“A message came on my mobile, which was sent by a friend, says resident Mukesh. It wrote that several buses of Uttarakhand transport are reaching Ahmedabad tonight. These buses will return to Uttarakhand tomorrow morning, you can also return home.

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After that, I boarded a train. Like us, about 1800 people from different districts of Gujarat were stranded in Haridwar. They have been withdrawn. By late night, many trains left them home.”

Government orders were issued in writing for the buses that had come to Ahmedabad for the citizens of Gujarat stranded in Haridwar.

A nearby photograph has surfaced, it is the same order under which buses were sent from Haridwar to Ahmedabad. However, the people of Uttarkhand, stranded in Gujarat, have complained that they were left halfway through. The buses ran only for the people returning from Uttarakhand to Gujarat.

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