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Happy Bengali New Year 2022: Pohela Boishakh Wishes, Bangla Calendar 1429

Every year it is celebrated on 14th April as a National Holiday in Bangladesh. And Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, and others the Bengali States celebrated the Pohela Boishakh on 14 or 15th April.

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Happy Bengali New Year 2022: Pohela Boishakh Greetings, Bangla Calendar 1429

Happy Bengali New Year 2022, Pohela Boishakh Wishes: The Bengali New Year – also known as Poila Boishakh – is the first day of the Bengali calendar and is celebrated on either April 14 or April 15th. It is a holiday which is celebrated in Bangladesh, West Nepal, and Tripura. As is the case in Western countries, the traditional greeting for the Bengali New Year is “Happy New Year.”

Every year it is celebrated on 14th April as a National Holiday in Bangladesh. And Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, and others the Bengali States celebrated the Pohela Boishakh on 14 or 15th April.

The Bengali calendar, much like the Indian Solar calendar, is based on the collective astronomical treatises known as the Surya Siddhanta. Surya Siddhanta went back to the 12th century AD but  it is based on even older texts that went all the way back to the 6th century AD.

Pohela Boishakh: Wishes, Facebook greetings and images to share on Bengali New Year

Bengali New Year Customs & Celebrations

Bengalis rush to find a copy of the Panjika. This rather thick almanac list all of the holidays, festivals and religious events for the coming New Year. While many Bengalis are beginning to convert to English calendar, most of them still use the Bengali calendar for festivals and holidays.

Bengali New Year begins officially at dawn and many businesses begin their day by clearing out their old ledgers and beginning new ones. The day is also marked with lots of processions, people singing and fairs. In the larger cities, most of the festivals begin with people gathering under the largest tree or alongside the bank of a river so they can witness the sun coming up. On this day, men will often wear Punjabis and women will wear flowers in their hair.

Many Bengali households will begin the New Year with sweet Bengali delicacies. These sweet dishes include Sandesh, Ras Malai, Payesh, and Rosogollas. However, sweet dishes aren’t the only things served on Poila Baisakh. Many people will also serve fish, rice, meat and vegetable dishes which include Peas Pilaf, Afghani Murgh Pulao, Mishti Pulao, Tilapia Shorshe, Chicken Do Pyaza, Mutton Kosha and Jhiri Jhiri Alu Bhaja. Snacks served throughout the day include Dimer Devil, Mangsher Singara, and Onion Pakora. Dips may also be served such as Dhonepatar Chatni.

All throughout the day Bengalis will wish each other “Shubho Naba Barsho!” Which translates as “Happy New Year” in English. Be sure to greet your Bengali friends with this greeting on Poila Boishakh or Bengali New Year.

Pohela Boishakh 2022: Wishes, Quotes, Greeting, Image

Bangla Calendar 1429: Pohela Boishakh is the 1st Day of Bangali New Year 2022. It’s a Bangla Nabho Barsho Bengali calendar Baisakh 1429. All the Bangali Peoples are successfully Celebrating Happy Pohela Boishakh 2022. The Bengali New Year is popularly referred to as Naba Barsha in Bengal and Pohela or Poila Baisakh in Bangladesh.

” Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Noboborsho filled with hope and happiness. Happy Pohela Boishakh!

” With the sweetness of Sandesh and the freshness of new mangoes, let the new year fill you with a new taste of life. Happy Bengali new year!

” Let the new sunrise bring new hopes and new zeal to face the new year. Shubh Noboborsho!

” May you leave your worries behind and welcome the future with open arms. Let it be a new beginning! Subh Noboborsho to you and your family!

” Let the New Year mark a new beginning, welcome it with a grand feast. Happy Pohela Boishakh!

” Wishing you a wonderful Pohela Boishakh. I pray that all of your heart’s desires be fulfilled this year

Pohela Boishakh Wishes 2022:

”Usher a sign of freshness in Pohela Boishakh. Explore the new and start afresh wiping off the woos. May the New Year’s day and days ahead become one to cherish all through.

”May the Pohela Boishakh turn out to be a prosperous one for all in your family!

”Greet the Noboborsho with hope, excitement, eagerness, and anticipation. Wishing you a year full of joy, contentment, peace, and opulence.

”Happy Pohela Boishakh! Wishing you the delightful and fulfilling year that you most deserve.

”Let us promise to take life as it comes. Do not complain but make it tolerable by accepting the sorrows along with happiness. Life will be peaceful. Happy Pohela Boishakh!

”Subh Noboborsho! Wish you a contentful and prosperous year filled with love, peace, hope, and joy. May the coming year usher all these goodies on you.

”From this Noboborsho, let life be steered with hope. Turn things your way to have a gala time.

”With another year to dawn, let the optimism, zeal, and cheer remain in all the days of your life. Happy Pohela Boishakh!

Happy Bengali New Year Messages:

“A Very Happy New Year to everyone…. May the Almighty bless us all…?

“May the spirit of festivities bring you to hope & strength. We may not be physically together, but, we must celebrate this virtually by connecting with our friends and family….” Happy Pohela Boishakh 2022

“I hope the festivities bring cheer and happiness to people across the country…” Pohela Boishakh 2022

“A fresh ray of light. Vishu, Baisakhi, Puthandu, Bohag Bihu, Pohela Boishakh, Bohag Bihu, Pana Sankranti …”

“May Today be the beginning of a better tomorrow. Happy New Year {Happy Vishu, Happy Bangali New Year 2022…”