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Happy Lohri 2023: History, Date, Significance, Wishes for Newlyweds, Messages, Quotes

Lohri is regarded as the beginning of the New Year's celebration, which happens on January 13 each year, and is celebrated mostly by Sikhs and Hindus across the country and the world.

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Lohri 2022: Date, history, significance, rituals of this festival

Happy Lohri 2023: Lohri is a well-known harvest festival that is celebrated with fire and zeal throughout Punjab, as well as portions of Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, and Delhi. Lohri is regarded as the beginning of the New Year’s celebration, which happens on January 13 each year, and is celebrated mostly by Sikhs and Hindus across the country and the world. The celebration consists of lighting a bonfire, singing folk music and dancing, particularly bhangra and gidda, and savouring the traditional delicacies: Makki di roti with Sarson da saag, gajak.

Lohri, also known as Lohadi or Lal Loi, is a harvest festival celebrated in Punjab. Each year, Lohri occurs on January 13, one day before Makar Sankranti, another popular Hindu event that occurs on January 14-15. Lohri signifies the end of winter and the beginning of longer days. Lohri is observed to honour the arrival of the sun in the northern hemisphere. Nevertheless, it is typically connected with rabi harvesting.

Lohri is a celebration associated with the lighting of bonfires, the consumption of a traditional meal, and the performance of traditional songs and dances. It is observed to express gratitude to the lord sun and mother earth for a bountiful crop.

The history of the Lohri festival

There are numerous legends related with Lohri, but the narrative of Dulla Bhatti is the most well-known. Dulla Bhatti was a man who resided in Punjab during Akbar’s reign. Similar to Robin Hood, Dulla Bhatti used to rob the wealthy to support the poor and needy. He even rescued a girl from her kidnappers and raised her as his own daughter. Even in the absence of a priest, he conducted the rituals on the day of her wedding. People adored and revered him so much that they began to perform the folk song “Sundar-Mundriye” every Lohri. This is just one story, but we are confident you will find many more amazing anecdotes linked with this festival!

Who was Dulla Bhatti and how is he related to Lohri? Know the story

How we observe Lohri

Lohri is one of the most significant festivals in India, and preparations begin several days in advance. When it is the first Lohri for a new family member, though, preparations and festivities must be extravagant. Whether it’s a newlywed or a newborn, family members ensure that the first Lohri is a memorable one.

The centrepiece of this celebration is a large bonfire around which friends, family, and neighbours gather to sing, dance, and have fun while performing bhangra and gidda. Numerous customs and rituals are related with Lohri; on this day, people assemble around a bonfire and offer fire oblations to God as a manner of expressing gratitude. They offer prasad by placing sesame seeds, jaggery, rewari, popcorn, and maize seeds in the fire while walking around a bonfire. Additionally, they pray for health and prosperity.

Newlyweds’ first Lohri celebration

In the family, the first Lohri of a newlywed is a highly memorable occasion. On the occasion of Lohri, the newlywed woman dons a colourful new attire, bangles, and henna (Mehendi) on her hands. In-laws, friends, and family members also give the new bride several gifts, clothing, and jewellery. Additionally, the first Lohri of a newlywed is considered extremely lucky because it represents fertility.

When is Lohri 2023, January 13 or 14? Check date, puja timings and celebration

A newborn infant’s first Lohri celebration

A baby provides joy, love, and warmth to a family, therefore it is only fitting that their firsts be exceptional and memorable! If this is the first Lohri for a baby in the family, the parents and other family members work to make it an unforgettable experience. The infant and his mother are dressed in their finest attire for the party, and the new mother is requested to sit with the infant in her arms. Then, friends and family donate fruit, candies, clothing, jewellery, and other items to the mother and infant.

Lohri is approaching, and no celebration would be complete without sending your loved ones the greatest Lohri greetings, messages, and presents. Sending a Happy Lohri WhatsApp status in addition to a gorgeous Lohri greeting card just adds to the fervour of the festivities.

Happy Lohri 2023 greetings and best wishes

May the festival of Lohri purge your life of all negativity and trouble and bring you tranquilly. Wishing you and your family a happy Lohri.

In the glow of the blaze, I pray and wish that the energy and fervour of this festive celebration remain in your life forever, and that you have a prosperous year ahead. Dear friend, I wish you a warm and wonderful Happy Lohri! May you and your loved ones always celebrate this great holiday together.

Let us destroy all of our life’s negativity in the Lohri fire. Let us anticipate happier, brighter times with our loved ones. Best wishes on Lohri to you.

May God illuminate our lives with happiness and wealth like the fire of Lohri. In 2023, best wishes for Lohri.

This Lohri should bring you joy, happiness, and love. I wish you and your family a joyous Lohri in 2023.

May the Lohri fire purge your life of all bad and offer you joy, love, and blessings. Happy Lohri!

I wish the harvest festival brings you excellent health and success, as well as happiness and prosperity in life. I wish you the best of luck, Best wishes for Lohri.

During the harvest season, delight in Kheer and Moongphalli’s deliciousness. Embrace happiness with vigour. Happy Lohri to everybody!!

Happy Lohri!! May all your hopes and dreams come true, and may you accomplish whatever you seek. Enjoy the day and remember to add revari, popcorn, and moongfali to the Lohri fire. It will certainly bring you good fortune!

Spread joy with the delicacy of rewri, moongfali, and popcorn during this occasion. Happy Lohri 2023!

Happy Lohri 2023: Wishes, quotes, messages, images, WhatsApp status

Happy Lohri 2023 greetings to the family

Let the harvest festival illuminate your life with prosperity and success. May you be bestowed with soaring joy and joyous festivities. Best wishes for Lohri.

May the positive spirit of Lohri end all of your sorrows and negative energies, and imbue this year with prosperity and growth…. Happy Lohri! May you have a lovely time with your family and friends, making this the most memorable evening of the year.

May the Lohri fire consume all of your misery and fill your life with pleasure, happiness, and love. Wishing you and your family a joyous Lohri.

As the fire of Lohri burns brighter, let us hope that all of our sorrows will vanish along with it. Let the glory of the holiday fill our hearts with joy. Wishing you all a wonderful Lohri!

Spread the message of joy and serenity of Lohri far and wide. I wish you a day filled with excitement and happiness. I wish everyone a Happy Lohri!

On this joyous occasion of Lohri, I hope that all your aspirations come true and that your life continues to become brighter each day. May this joyous occasion bring you greater success and fame today… I wish you and your loved ones a joyous Lohri.

May this festival of Lohri bring you joy, happiness, and love. I wish you and your family a joyous Lohri in 2023!

This harvest season should bring happiness and wealth to all. I wish everyone a wonderful Lohri in 2023.

May this festival of warmth bring you and your loved ones success. Best wishes for Lohri.

May the fire of Lohri consume all the negativity in our lives and provide us better, happier times with our loved ones. Best wishes for a joyous Lohri to everyone.

Happy Lohri 2023 wishes for the newlyweds

May this Lohri bring you and your spouse an abundance of love and benefits. Happy first Lohri to you both!!

May this first Lohri after marriage bring you pleasure, joy, and festivities. Happy Lohri, everyone!

May this Lohri bring your married life an abundance of love and blessings. Wishing the most joyous Lohri to the lovely couple!

May this Lohri provide you all your wishes and turn your dreams into reality. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Happy Lohri!

We hope that during this Lohri holiday, you were able to connect with your friends and family, and that God blesses you for the future. — Joyous Lohri

Happy Lohri, and may this harvest season bring happiness and prosperity to you and your family.

On this festive occasion, I wish you the chance to interact with family, friends, and loved ones, and that you have the most memorable and delightful Lohri celebrations.

Take pleasure in this Lohri with the rhythm of the dhol and the celebratory melodies. May every day of your life be merry.

I wish you a life filled with happiness, love, and joy during Lohri. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Happy Lohri!

I hope this harvest season gives you and your family happiness and success. Happy Lohri!

Happy Lohri wishes in Hindi

1. Lohri ki aag me dehan ho jain apke saare gum, khushiyan se bhara rahe apka jeewan hardam. Best wishes for Lohri 2023!

2. Hawaaon ke sath armaan bheja hai, Network ke jariye paigam bheja hai. Fursat mile to kabool kar lena, humane sabse pehle apko lohri ka paigam bheja hai. Best wishes for Lohri 2023!

3. Til aur gud layein aapke jeewan mein khushiyan, Mungfali. Roshan aapke aane wale kal ko lohri ka prakash kar de. Best wishes for this festival. Best wishes for Lohri.

4. Apko aur apke parivaar ko Lohri ki lakh-lakh badhaiyaan, Rab kare aap ke jeewan me khushiyaon ki barish ho. Apko Lohri utsav ki bhadai hai.

5. Gud ki mithas aur Lohri ki dhoom dhaam se saje tumhara jeevan… Barse har khushi tumhare jeevan mein…. Best wishes for Lohri to everyone.

6. Phir aa gaya mausam makki di roti aur sarso de saag ka. Sabko Mubarak ho Lohri ka ye tyohar. Wishing you a pleasant and colourful Lohri.

7. Lohri ka yeh tyohar manayein aap apney parivar ke saath. Sang naache gaayein aur pyaar baatein, kyunki yeh din hai bahut hi khaas. Best wishes for Lohri.

Happy Lohri wishes in Punjabi

1. Mere vallo tuhanu, Te tuhade saare parivar nu LOHRI diyan bahut bahut vadhayian

2. Twinkle twinkle little sardar, oh bhangra paye in da vehicle, punjabi tadka te dalh frai, tuhanu LOHRI de lakh lakh vadhai..!!

3. Yaad rakhea kro dil vich saadi…

Bhave rakhea kro thori sohneyo […]

Asi tohade nalo pehla desire karni…

sadde walon joyful lohri sohneyo…

4. Gane de ras to chinni di bori

Fer bani mithi mithi rewari uston mithi

Ral mil sare kha yee til de naal

te manaiye asli khushiyaan bhai lohri

5.Nach ke Dikhao,

Haso te Hasao

Joyous Lohri

6. Phir aa gayi bhangre di vaari,

Lohri manaun di karo taiyari,

Agg de kol saare aao,

Sundariye mundariye jor naal gao.

Joyous Lohri

7. Sunder mundere ho!

Tera kaun vicaharaa ho!

Dullah bhatti walla hai!

Dullhe di dhee vyayae ho!

Ser shakkar payee ho!

Kudi da laal pathaka ho!

Kudi da saalu paatha ho!

Salu kaun samete ho!..

Lohri Mubarak

Mithaa gurh te vich mil gya, if you please.

Tiludi patang te khil geya,

Dilhar pal sukh te har vele,

Shantii pao

Rabb agge dua tusi Lohri,

Khushiyaan naal manaao!

Wishing you a happy Lohri!

Happy Lohri 2023 quotes

1 “This Lohri, may the sweetness of rewari, the joyful pop of popcorn, and the delicious spices of makki ki roti and sarson da saag brighten your life. Wishing you a happy Lohri!”

2 “In candlelight, may all of your dreams come true. Every star of every night offers you luck and happiness. Best wishes to you and your family on Lohri.”

3. “May the joyous occasion of Lohri bring you many opportunities for growth and prosperity in life…. Wishing you a very Happy Lohri.”

4. “May you be granted the energy and strength to make all your aspirations a beautiful reality in your life…. Wishing you a very happy Lohri.”

5. “Let us destroy all the negative aspects of our lives in the Lohri fire.” Let us anticipate happier times with our loved ones. “Happy Lohri to you,”

6. “You must give to receive; you must plant the seed before you can harvest.”

7 “Don’t forget to add Rewri, moongfali, and popcorn to the Lohri fire! This will certainly bring you good luck.”

8. “Judge not each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow.”

9 “I hope and pray that you enjoy this Lohri’s dancing sounds by letting yourself go. Have a wonderful day with your family and friends. Happy Lohri, dear friend”

10. Lohri is a celebration of joy, new beginnings, and light. Here’s hoping for all of the above and more. Wishing you a happy Lohri!


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