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How to Download Audible Books and Convert AAX to MP3 on PC: Listen Anywhere

To convert AAX to MP3, you can utilise software such as inAudible. AAXC files with additional security layers cannot be converted to MP3, however.

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How to Download Audible Books and Convert AAX to MP3 on PC

How to Download Audible Books and Convert AAX to MP3 on PC:  You can convert downloaded Audible books to MP3 so that you can listen to them without the Audible app.

To convert AAX to MP3, you can utilise software such as inAudible. AAXC files with additional security layers cannot be converted to MP3, however.

If you have an Audible Premium Plan membership, you can use the Libation utility to download and convert books. Additionally, the converted files are yours to retain even after your membership has expired.

Audible is the world’s leading repository for premium audiobooks and podcasts, which consumers can purchase individually or gain access to through an Audible membership. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to obtain and store your purchases as MP3 files on your computer if you do not wish to remain tied to the Audible platform.

The following guide will demonstrate how to download your Audible books on a PC and convert them into an easily accessible format. Let’s start.

How to Download Audible Books and Convert AAX to MP3 on PC:  How to download Audible titles to a computer

Audible allows you to download novels directly from the library. To accomplish this, visit the Audible website and opt in.

Select Library to gain access to your volumes.

Here, beneath your books, is the Download icon. Select it to download it to your computer.

The file will be in the AAX format, and the download will now commence. These must be converted to MP3 later (refer to the following section for details).

You may observe that some books in the library lack the ‘Download’ option. This is due to the fact that these books are only available for listening with an Audible Premium Plus membership. These volumes are removed from your library when the month ends or your subscription expires. Therefore, they are not yours to retain. However, as we will see in subsequent sections, these are also available.

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How to convert AAX to MP3 on Windows

After downloading your book in the ‘AAX’ format, you will need to convert it to MP3 in order to play it. There are a few paid tools that can assist you with this, but the vast majority are free. We are using the free software inAudible for our guide. Use the following link to obtain it:

Visit the above GitHub link, scroll down the page, and select the Windows installer button.

On the following page, select Download.

Once the ZIP file has been downloaded, select it and hit Extract all.

Click the Extract button in the extraction window.

After extraction, double-click the installation file.

If Windows Defender prompts you, select More info.

Select Run regardless.

Follow the instructions on-screen to install the inAudible software.

After installation is complete, select Launch inAudible and click Finish.

Click the three-dot icon next to the ‘Audible Files’ option at the top of the page.

Select your downloaded AAX book and select the Open button.

The software will automatically detect and fill in all other fields. However, if you want to alter the location where the file will be saved, click the three-dot box next to ‘Output File’ and then select the desired location.

Ensure that the ‘Output Type’ is MP3 as well.

However, if you wish, you can also utilise the AAC and WAV output formats.

Peruse the remaining options and adjust the settings as you see appropriate. Click the Begin Conversion button once complete.

Wait while the file converts and is saved.

Once the conversion is complete, you can select the Output Files option at the bottom to access the converted files.

Your Audible book is immediately downloaded and converted. The book will continue to be divided into chapters and will feature an embedded cover.

What do AAXC files entail?

The new Amazon format AAXC makes it more difficult for users to decrypt and download files for conversion. The AAXC is used in part to prevent individuals from downloading and storing audiobooks that they have only purchased or borrowed for listening via subscription.Because of this, you will not find a download option on the Audible website.

Even though you can download these through the Audible app on your smartphone and then locate the file in your device’s storage, the resulting file will be in AAXC format. There are no file converters that can convert AAXC to a format that can be played, such as MP3.

However, there is a little-known tool on GitHub that can extract and convert your entire Audible library, regardless of whether the books were purchased or are part of your monthly Audible membership.

How to obtain and convert Audible Plus Catalogue books

To obtain and convert your library’s books, you’ll need the Libation tool, which can be downloaded from the link below.

Click the aforementioned link and choose Download from the GitHub page.

Select then Classic Libation RAR file.

Once the transfer is complete, launch File Explorer to access the file. Select the file, then select the Extract all button.

Select Extract.

Double-click Libation.exe once extracted to launch it.

Click More Info if you receive a warning from Microsoft Defender.

Then select Run regardless.

Once it’s available, the initial step is to link your Audible account. To accomplish this, click Settings.

Note: Ignore the volumes that appear in our screenshots already. After connecting your account and scanning, your volumes will appear here.

Select Accounts.

Then enter your Audible email address in the field provided.

Enter your country in the ‘Locale’ field.

Select Save.

You will then be prompted to input your Audible account password and confirm your login.

Once this is complete, select Import.

Select Library scan.

Your library materials will be displayed below.

On the left side of your volumes will be traffic lights. The colour red signifies that no books have been downloaded.

But before we obtain the audiobooks, let’s first configure the download settings. To accomplish this, click Settings.

Select Settings once more.

Under the first tab, you can modify where downloaded books are saved.

You can also navigate through the remaining categories. Make sure to select Split my books into multiple files by chapter and Download my books as.MP3 files on the “Audio File Options” tab.

You can select alternative audio parameters if necessary. Then select Save.

After completion, let’s begin downloading literature. To download one, merely click on the traffic light under ‘Liberate’.

Immediately, your download will commence.

Once completed, the traffic indicator will turn green, indicating that the books have been successfully downloaded.

You can navigate to the output file location to locate the audiobook’s files.

To redownload the book, right-click the traffic light and choose “Set download status to Not downloaded.”

Then, to download, click the traffic signal again.

How to Download Audible Books and Convert AAX to MP3 on PC:  Important points to note

You can download all the books in your library an unlimited number of times, and you can even add multiple accounts to download all the books in each of your Audible accounts simultaneously.

You can also use your Audible credit to purchase a book, download it via Libation, and then return the book for a refund. However, be cautious about repeatedly returning books for credit. Following a certain threshold, your account may be flagged. If you wish to continue downloading books without concern of account suspension, we recommend sticking to the Audible Plus catalogue books, which require only a monthly membership and no credits.


Let’s examine some frequently inquired questions regarding the downloading of Audible books and their conversion to MP3 for future listening.

Why am I unable to convert AAXC audio files?

AAXC is a novel Amazon format that encrypts books with additional layers. They are more difficult to decrypt than the AAX format.

How do I play AAX files on my computer?

To play Audible AAX files, you must first convert them to an audio format such as MP3. Refer to the guide above for more information.

When you don’t have time to peruse a physical book, Audible books are excellent for listening. By converting your books to MP3, you can be liberated from the Audible app and listen to them whenever you desire. We trust this guide assisted you in downloading and converting permanent books. until we meet again!


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