Hyderabad: Theater instructor asks students to remove clothes during acting workshop
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Hyderabad: Theater instructor asks students to remove clothes during acting workshop

In what can be termed as eye clamping incident, a theater instructor Vinay, who runs a theater group Sutradhar, allegedly asked his students on Monday to either remove their clothes or get out of the acting workshop.

As quoted by few media portals, a 21-year-old woman based in Hyderabad  said that she was shocked when she was asked to remove her clothes as part of an acting workshop.

“After we finished doing meditation he walked in closed the windows and doors and asked us to remove our clothes. We were in utter disbelief. We were looking at each other, then he shouted, ‘remove your clothes or leave the class’. Then immediately, the boys obeyed him and removed their clothes. He asked them to remove their undergarments as well.”

“While the male students removed their clothes after being yelled at, the other girl and I stared at each other, unable to comprehend the situation. He then told us, ‘Those who don’t want to remove the clothes may leave the class’. I stood firm and left the class.”

The woman later registered her complaint with  a women’s rights activist and the SHE Team – a police team working for the safety and security of women, following which the Narayanaguda police registered a case under section 509 of IPC (Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman).

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Going by the reports, Vinay Varma has acted in a few Telugu films. His website describes him as an actor, director, voice-lender, dubbing artiste, script-writer, translator and casting director.

When asked about the allegation, accused Vinay defended himself saying that, “This is part of the acting exercise where we mould them (students) and test if they’re able to do it. The students who can’t do it are told to stand outside the class. We never forced them. We are willing to reimburse the fee of those who can’t do it (remove clothes).”

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