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India reacts as Facebook plans to put ads in the middle of its Live videos

By Shibangi Sinha Roy
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Source: CNBC
The social media giant Facebook will allow brands to advertise on their Live video section. Live experience may now come with a brief message from a sponsor. As reports say, the ads, which can last up to 20 seconds in each break, can start after the first four minutes of the live-stream, and then reoccur at least every five minutes.
As of the fourth quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.86 billion monthly active users. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users had surpassed 1 billion, the introduction of advertisements in Facebook’s new feature was not far from assumption. With every second person using Facebook every hour, the idea of branding on Facebook Live which is gaining quick popularity doesn’t seem to be a bad idea from a business point of view.  However it is to be noted that advertisement in the middle of a live video could be a tad bit annoying but nevertheless, we mustn’t forget that Facebook is not offering us charitable services.

“They’re a profit making company. it’s only fair that they’ll keep finding more ways to make profit”

said Rakhi Bose, a staff writer of Scoopwhoop to Newsd team.  Facebook is already a platform which people have been using to propagate business. It shouldn’t be too much of a blow to the users of the internet if the big brands have better ways to advertise than individual users.

Although Facebook introducing advertisement in the middle of live videos will, in turn, defy the whole point of Live video by intentional delays due to uncalled branding.
Our team spoke to a few regular users of Facebook from India, we pretty much got a mixed bag response:

“One might be for it, one might choose to be against it. But none of that matters because when one signs up to use Facebook, one has to give in to any change of policies they might use. What we need in this hour to stop the massive exploitation of consumers or employees of the corporate or private sector are regulatory bills and laws.”

said Avishek De Biswas, a theatre actor and a former student of Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

Debarati Sarkar, publisher at countercultural feminist webzine Eyezine says,

” Facebook, apart from being the most successful social media platform of the last two decades, is also fast becoming the go-to place for online-to-offline movement building, a successful platform for practising alternative journalism– the Facebook live video feature is mostly used by activists as a form of direct action, to mobilise people, spread the word et al. Facebook wants its unintentionally created activist groups to come under its rubric of profit-making schemes. I think, Mark Zuckerberg basically wants to create a legion of ‘paid protesters’ that he wants to see in the world”

Although Facebook has yet not confirmed the introduction of the interruptions, the company announced that publishers on its Audience Network, which places ads from Facebook’s advertising partners on other websites and apps, can make money from in-stream video ads off of its platform.