Instagram model poses dead at various locations to give out precious message

On the photo-sharing app Instagram, a model has posted several photos in which she is posing to be dead at various tourist spots around the world to show how precious life is.

The model, Stephanie Leigh started this unusual photo series eight years back to give out a strong message to the people so that they can value their life.

The model who is based in London has pretended to die at popular locations all around the world. The famous spot includes Buckingham Palace, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, and San Diego Zoo. She has posed on rocks close to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and climbed into a pen with some goats at San Diego Zoo to being pictures next to the Eiffel Tower and lying in the middle of a road in London, she has done it all.


Speaking to a news portal, Leigh said, “I realized I wanted to continue putting something positive into the world, while at the same time using art to synthesize my feelings and thoughts regarding our impermanence on this earth.” She added that the official Stefdies slogan is “leave a mark” and she likes to think that she is doing that.

She revealed that despite shooting at so many places, on only five occasions she has been asked if she is doing fine. Also, she said, Paris is one of her favorite cities to click photos as people assume that she’s a crazy artist.

Another interesting thing she told that none of the pictures is planned before by her. It is a spontaneously done amid her travels. Also no special lighting, camera or equipment have been used so as to make the photograph look normal. The photos have no set end date to it. she said the photo series will grow and evolve along with her naturally.

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