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International Girls Day 2023: Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Kappa Delta

It is an endeavor that Kappa Delta, the first sorority to be founded in Virginia, initiated.

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International Girls Day 2023 Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Kappa Delta

International Girls Day 2023: International Girls Day, observed on November 14, is a special occasion honored by Kappa Delta to inspire girls to pursue their ambitions and support the development of their diverse interests. It is an endeavor that Kappa Delta, the first sorority to be founded in Virginia, initiated. Its endeavors to cultivate self-assurance among adolescent girls and young women have persisted. Each year, various chapters of the sorority enthusiastically observe this day with grandeur and enthusiasm. In this regard, we aim to improve the quality of life for young women worldwide through education. For more information on scholarships available worldwide, please visit Scholaroo.

The History of International Girls’ Day

The inception of International Girls Day occurred in 1897. Indeed, over a century ago! It originated from a proposal put forth by Kappa Delta, more commonly referred to as ‘K.D.’ or ‘Kay Dee’. The purpose of establishing this holiday is to serve as a reminder to young women not to become ensnared in societal expectations, but to embrace their true selves without reservation. K.D. endeavors to empower young women to achieve success in their chosen sphere by means of diverse guidance programs and by fostering in them the self-assurance necessary to achieve more.

This initiative is quite progressive, considering it was founded during a time when radicalism was frowned upon among women. The sorority was founded by four college students: Sara Turner White, Julia Tyler Gardiner Wilson, Lenora Ashmore Blackiston, and Mary Sommerville Sparks Hendrick. Since then, millions of women have become members and have volunteered and served as mentors for the organization. Girls Scouts of the United States and Prevent Child Abuse America are two of K.D.’s most significant philanthropies. To promote its initiatives, the sorority annually hosts a variety of programs, including educational events and miscellaneous activities.

Kappa Delta is an inclusive community that embraces young women of all races and ethnicities from across the nation. The sorority wholeheartedly defends and promotes diversity in its convictions. In regards to community service, K.D. leaves no stone untouched, whether for professional or personal development. It is believed that the sisterhood and companionship forged at K.D. endure a lifetime, and its members make every effort to remain united in the face of adversity.

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FAQs: International Girls’ Day

What is the Kappa Delta motto?

“Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest” is their motto. Kappa Delta endeavors to instill self-assurance in young women through the cultivation of leadership capabilities and the motivation to confront the world directly.

Is National Girls Day observed as a state holiday?

A day to honor and appreciate womanhood. As of yet, however, it has not been designated an official holiday.

What is the GPA requirement for Kappa Delta?

For first-year students, the minimum GPA necessary to qualify for recruitment into the esteemed organization is 3.25. Present students who sustain a 3.0 GPA are eligible for recruitment.

Participation in International Girls’ Day Activities

Venture beyond your comfort zone.

On International Girls’ Day, engage in an unconventional activity. Learn karate, go hiking, join a new society, and host a dinner for your girlfriends. Perform an action that you have not yet undertaken!

Discuss your concerns

Gather with girls from your community or class to discuss gender-related concerns that are shared. Extend a sympathetic ear and promote the expression of opinions among fellow young women.

Aid disadvantaged females

Attempt to assist disadvantaged females. Donate to their well-being if at all possible, and pay attention to their struggles.

Five unknown facts about Kappa Delta

First Farmville sorority

Kappa Delta is the first of four sororities in Farmville, Virginia; the others are Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Most endearing mascot

The mascot of Kappa Delta is a stuffed bear.

Anti-child abuse measures

Kappa Delta has been organizing fundraising efforts and awareness events to promote the prevention of child maltreatment since 1984.

Authentic jewels

Conspicuous as its official jewels are a pearl, an emerald, and a diamond.

Even a flower!

The white rose is the official flower of Kappa Delta.


Year Date Day
2023 November 14 Tuesday
2024 November 14 Thursday
2025 November 14 Friday
2026 November 14 Saturday
2027 November 14 Sunday


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