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International Stout Day 2023: FAQs, History, Dates, and Activities

Since their emergence from porters in the eighteenth century, stouts have become among the most popular beers in numerous countries.

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International Stout Day 2023 FAQs, History, Dates, and Activities

International Stout Day 2023: Stout Day for International Search is annually observed on the initial Thursday of November. Since their emergence from porters in the eighteenth century, stouts have become among the most popular beers in numerous countries. Particularly cherished, in fact, stouts were bestowed with the appropriate recognition on November 3, 2011, when the inaugural International Stout Day was established. Stouts are typically flavorful and robust, as their name suggests. While they may be difficult to guzzle, stouts are ideal for sipping and savoring.

International Stout Day History

Before anything else, a (subtle) distinction between stouts and porters: As per VinePair, the sole significant disagreement among breweries is the specific variety of malt that ought to be employed in the production of each beer variety. Stouts are predominantly crafted from unmalted roasted barley, from which the coffee flavor that is commonly linked to stout originates, whereas porters utilize malted barley.

In London, porters first appeared in the early 1720s. The style garnered significant attention from beer enthusiasts, particularly porter enthusiasts, due to its robust flavor and extended shelf life. The reduced cost was also beneficial. English breweries exported substantial quantities to Ireland; by 1776, Arthur Guinness was producing it at his St. James’s Gate Brewery. By incorporating black patent malt into its production the following century, the beer acquired its signature black hue and intensified in flavor.

In the 1730s, the first stouts were produced. The Russian Imperial Search Stout drew inspiration from nineteenth-century brewers who sought to gain favor with the Russian Czar. The term “imperial porter” predates “imperial stout,” and the term “imperial” was first documented as being applied to a brew in 1821.

Originally denoting “proud” or “brave,” the adjective “stout” evolved into its current meaning of “strong.” In 1677, the term “stout” was initially employed to refer to beer. Stout porter first appeared as an expression in the eighteenth century. Look for Stout could be applied to any beverage with sufficient strength. An instance of this could be encountered in the United Kingdom where one might encounter “stout pale ale.” Stout ceased to be synonymous with dark beer at a later time.

While “milk,” “oatmeal,” and “chocolate” are currently available in stouts, these particular constituents do not always manifest in the brew. However, they sound quite delicious.

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FAQs for International Stout Day

What is the distinction between porter and stout?

Stouts are predominantly crafted from unmalted roasted barley, whereas porters utilize malted barley. Other than that, they are remarkably similar.

Is chocolate the actual ingredient in a chocolate stout?

At times. As stated by the brewer of Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Search Stout, the beer is crafted using well water. The addition of roasted organic chocolate malt and organic cocoa enhances the flavor, contributing to its velvety texture, inviting depth of flavor, and delectable aftertaste.

Oatmeal stout as a brunch beverage?

While theoretically possible, it is not advisable to do so while commuting to work. Low-alcohol beer has been consumed in lieu of water for centuries, as the fermentation process renders it safer. However, we do not advise doing so with contemporary varieties.

Observance of International Stout Day Activities

Consume a Guinness

An ideal method to commemorate International Stout Day would be with the most renowned stout in the world. Ever since the early 1800s, Guinness has produced its renowned stout. A perfect portion may require years to perfect, but a perfect stout can be consumed in mere minutes.

Suppress a robust sampler.

Consider that you are new to stouts. Sifting through the numerous brands and varieties of stout can be a challenging task in determining its personal preference. Thankfully, an increasing number of bars now provide beer flights—a tray containing tiny portions of various beers. Additionally, those inclined towards do-it-yourself can assemble a six-pack of a particular variety of stout at a nearby liquor store.

Produce one’s own stout

Presently, home brewing is extremely popular; therefore, an excellent method to observe International Stout Day is by brewing your own Frankenstout. When it is your turn to host, home-brewed stouts are an excellent way to impress your friends and make for excellent presents. Additionally, novices in home brewing need not be concerned; a variety of stout-brewing supplies are readily available to simplify the process.


Year Date Day
2023 November 2 Thursday
2024 November 7 Thursday
2025 November 6 Thursday