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International Sudoku Day 2023 (US): Dates, History, Significance, Facts

Although today is unquestionably a day to celebrate, you will need to engage in some intensely logical reasoning.

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International Sudoku Day 2023

International Sudoku Day 2023: International Sudoku Day occurs on September 9 (9/9), as expected. Undoubtedly, Sudoku enthusiasts will note the date’s symbolism. The objective of Sudoku is to complete a 99 grid with the numbers 1 through 9 in each column, row, and 33 subgrid. Therefore, the number nine-nine is a natural decision for the celebration date. Although today is unquestionably a day to celebrate, you will need to engage in some intensely logical reasoning.

International Sudoku Day 2023: HISTORY

In 1892, the French newspaper “La Siècle” published a game that was similar to Sudoku in that each row and column had to contain all of the prescribed numbers. However, unlike Sudoku, it involved numbers greater than nine and relied on the solvers’ mathematical skills rather than their logic center. In the years that followed, other French newspapers introduced similar games, though none were exactly the same as Sudoku, and their popularity waned as World War I broke out.

Forward in time to 1979. Circumstantial evidence suggests that Indiana architect Howard Garns published a conundrum of his own creation (at the time titled “Number Place”) in “Dell Magazine” that would eventually become the game known as Sudoku. However, Garns did not live to see his creation become an international sensation. In the interim, the game ignited Japan’s puzzle industry, acquiring the name Sudoku and amassing a devoted following of millions of players. In 1997, Hong Kong judge Wayne Gould created a computer program capable of generating original Sudoku puzzles. He proposed the game as a daily puzzle feature to newspapers in the U.K., and soon Sudoku was known around the world.

Today, Sudoku is extensively accessible on smartphone applications and in newspapers and magazines. It has been the subject of numerous documentaries and game programs, as well as a Peter Levy song nominated for an award. We believe it’s fair to say that Sudoku is not going anywhere soon.

The World Puzzle Federation designated September 9 as International Sudoku Day in 2013, and we have been commemorating ever since.


George T. Delacorte, Jr., a native of New York, founded Dell Publishing Company in 1921 with the intention of entertaining readers who were sick of the often-ostentatious reading material of the time. This same attitude led Delacorte to erect statues of “Alice in Wonderland,” “The Tempest,” and “Romeo and Juliet” in his hometown.

The Dell subsidiary “Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine” has received 63 Locus Awards.

In “Dell Horoscope” magazine in 1979, astrologer Richard Nolle coined the term “supermoon” to describe a full moon that coincides or nearly coincides with perigee [its point of orbit nearest to the earth].

Penny Publications, the present parent company of Dell Magazines, has its headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut, which is also the hometown of conductor Vince Mendoza and baseball player Mo Vaughn.

The “Ellery Queen” of Dell predecessor Penny Press’ “Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine” was the pen name of mystery authors Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee, who co-wrote “The Roman Hat Mystery” under the name.

International Sudoku Day 2023: SIGNIFICANCE

Some people enjoy visual puzzles while others prefer word searches. Others enjoy word games and are obsessed with crossword puzzles. But if you enjoy numbers, math, and logic, Sudoku is the perfect conundrum for you.

It’s enjoyable to be challenged, and Sudoku excels at forcing us to think in novel and difficult ways. There are varying degrees of difficulty so that you can play the game that best suits your abilities. Yes, it can be frustrating at times (if you hurl your Sudoku book at the wall, just avoid hitting a glass picture frame) — but fellow Sudoku enthusiasts like us have no judgment!

Participating in cognitively stimulating activities, especially those involving mathematics, is an effective method to maintain mental acuity. Sudoku can improve concentration and focus, as well as ameliorate depression. Furthermore, research indicates that crossword puzzles and word games help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Who knew Sudoku was so beneficial to your health?


Year Date Day
2023 September 9 Saturday
2024 September 9 Monday
2025 September 9 Tuesday
2026 September 9 Wednesday
2027 September 9 Thursday


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