Odisha: Relatives of deceased calls black magician to make dead man alive in hospital morgue
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Jharkhand: After discussion in Panchayat, four stabbed to death on suspicion of practicing ‘Witchcraft’

In yet another horrifying incident indulging mob violence under the spat of superstitions, four accused of being ‘witch’ were brutally stabbed to dead in Jharkhand’s Gumla area in wee hours of Sunday, July 21.

As per the preliminary reports, those who have been killed include 60-year-old Chapa Urav, his wife Pira Urav, and two others of the village. On Sunday morning, at about 3 AM, as many as 10 to 12 people forcibly barged in CHampa’s house and attacked them by sticks and sharp weapons on suspicion of being witch.

Villagers on condition of anonymity said that an assembly (panchayat) was organised before the incident took place. Charges were framed against the four deceased that all of them were involved in the practice of witchcraft and black magic.

The culprits dragged the victims out of their three different house and locked the four people in one of the house. They thrashed the four people and later slit their throat.

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Upon the receiving the information, police official rushed to the spot to calm down the hustle in the village after the incident.

A case was registered in the matter after the complaint made by Champa’s daughter. Efforts to nab the culprits are on. Meanwhile bodies of the deceased were sent for the postmortem

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