Jharkhand: 16 train drivers undergo eye operation to bunk work and enjoy monthly salary
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Jharkhand: 16 train drivers allegedly undergo eye operation to bunk work and enjoy monthly salary

There have been times in everybody’s life where the persons feels slightly sluggish and allows self to a slacker for a day. And why not, we do need a break and feel lazy to pamper ourselves. But a bizarre incident has come to light which doesn’t seem to be acceptable at all.

As per the reports, as many as 16 train drivers in Ranchi underwent operation and deliberately wakened their eye sight in order to bunk driving duties and yet continue receiving salary, pensions and other benefits from the government.

When the 16 train drivers started the job 5-7 years ago, their eyesight was perfectly fine in the medical examination. But in the recent medical check-up, everyone’s vision was found to be a little weak.

Considering weak eyesight, these drivers were not only to be given clerical work, but also had to get 30% salary increase. However, when the Railway Department conducted a more thorough investigation of these drivers, it was found that they all intentionally weakened the eyes through laser operation.

As quoted in the reports, CPRO of Ranchi Rail Division Neeraj Kumar said that further investigation in the matter has been started. As of now, no action has been taken against the drivers or the doctors who were involved the case.

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