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Jharkhand: 50-year-old woman drowned to death on suspicion that she is a witch

Superstitions in India have unfortunately continued to take a toll on people forcing the crowd to take extreme steps. In the recent incident reported from Jharkhand’s Chaibasa, a 50-year-old woman was drowned to death by a man on suspicion that she is a witch.

The incident happened at the Pokhriya village when the woman, identified as Sukhmati Bankira was taking bath at a rise site. Her neighbor Siddiu Henbrum spotted her and first thrashed her with srick. Later he drowned the woman to death in the water and even buried her body in sand.

As per the reports, accused Siddiu and as well as his neighbour Sukhmati did not had any child. Upset over the fact that even after 15 years of marriage he does not has a child, Siddiyu approaches many doctors and Tantriks. One of the Tantriks told him that his neighbour who deos not has a child either is a witch and is the reason why you are not able to have a child.

In the urge of having a child, Siddiyu driven by the word of alleged Tantrik took the extreame step and murdered the woman.

Going by the reports, Police has nabbed the accused and the case is under further investigation.

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