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King Kamehameha Day 2023 (US): Everything You Need To Know!

Kamehameha, a highly esteemed leader, is honoured annually with numerous celebrations across the islands.

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King Kamehameha Day 2023 (US): Everything You Need To Know!

The 11th of June is King Kamehameha Day in Hawaii, which honours the accomplishments of “Kamehameha the Great.” In 1810, he is attributed with uniting the Hawaiian Islands. Kamehameha, a highly esteemed leader, is honoured annually with numerous celebrations across the islands. One such ceremony is held in downtown Honolulu, where hundreds of leis at least 30 feet long are draped over a 15-foot statue of the revered ruler. There are also parades, an abundance of floral arrangements, and, of course, the traditional Hawaiian hula dance.


On June 11, Hawaiians celebrate Kamehameha the Great on King Kamehameha Day.

Kamehameha the Great was the Hawaiian conqueror and monarch who established the Kamehameha dynasty and united the Hawaiian Islands under a single kingdom.

Kamehameha was born in Kohala, Hawaii in 1758. Hawaii was divided between his son, Kwala, and his nephew, Kamehameha, following the demise of Kalanipuu in 1782.

The two engaged in combat for complete control of the islands, with Kamehameha prevailing. He moved on to conquer the majority of the surrounding territories. Eventually, Kamehameha was crowned king of all the Hawaiian islands.

King Kamehameha I was a member of the Hawaiian royal family. Numerous prophetic signs foretold that he would become a great monarch, including the fact that he was born around the time that Hailey’s Comet appeared in the Hawaiian night sky in 1758. This resulted in Kamehameha being concealed for years to protect him from rival clans who perceived him as a threat.

Eventually, Kamehameha returned and began his training with his uncle and then-ruler of the Hawaiian Islands, King Kalanipuu’u. The 2.5-ton Naha Stone was within Kamehameha’s grasp due to his extraordinary strength! This event fulfilled a prophecy which stated that a powerful man who unites the islands will be able to move the stone. Additionally, Kamehameha’s uncle introduced him to the English explorer James Cook aboard the HMS Discovery. Cook was slain in a battle with Kamehameha in 1779.

After the death of King Kalanipuu’u in 1782, Kamehameha inherited Kuka’ilimoku, the island’s war god, while his uncle’s son, Kwala, was granted control of the island. The two engaged in combat and fought head-to-head, with Kamehameha prevailing and seizing control of the island. He also married Kepolani, the daughter of Kwala, and later had several other spouses.

After ascending to power, Kamehameha met foreign allies such as John Young and Isaac Davis. In 1790, with their assistance, he attacked Maui. Additionally, they served as his advisors for decades. Utilising these connections, Kamehameha traded Hawaii’s coveted sandalwood for Western weaponry. This superior armament enabled him and his army to conquer the majority of the islands. In 1810, King Kamehameha became the first ruler of the entire Hawaiian Islands.

The reign of Kamehameha lasted until his demise in 1819. Aside from his conquest of the islands, his tenure in Hawaii was progressive. His administration observed the ancient kapu rules and laws. He also instituted new laws, such as the Knwai Mmalahoe, which protected travellers and the defenceless. In 1978, a refined version of this principle was incorporated into the Hawaiian state constitution.

Liholiho, the son of Kamehameha, succeeded to the throne and assumed the name Kamehameha II. Five years later, he passed away, and his brother Kauikeaouli ascends the throne as Kamehameha III.



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2023 June 11 Sunday
2024 June 11 Tuesday
2025 June 11 Wednesday
2026 June 11 Thursday
2027 June 11 Friday