Know why in these villages of Gujarat bride marries groom’s sister
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Know why in these villages of Gujarat, bride marries groom’s sister

An unusual tradition is followed by the tribal’s in Surkheda, Sanada and Ambal of Gujarat’s Chota Udepur district in which the marriage takes place without the presence of a groom.

A groom is not allowed to attend his own wedding and his unmarried sister represents him in the wedding ceremonies.

As per the report by a news agency, the groom in these villages stays backs home with their mother while his sister leads the wedding processions and marries the bride.

The groom is not allowed to attend the wedding although he dresses up in ‘Sherwani’ with a ‘Safa’ on his head.

The bizarre tradition is followed by the families in order to protect the groom from any harm and for that, his sister has to lead the wedding with his bride.

A resident of the Surkheda village told a news agency that “All the rituals that a groom traditionally does is conducted by his sister. She takes the ‘mangal phere’ with the bride instead of her brother. This practice is followed in three villages here; it is believed that if we don’t follow this custom then some harm will befall.”

The head of the village told that whenever the people disregarded the tradition or didn’t follow it unfortunate events befell on them.

“A couple of times some people have tried to not follow the tradition and it is seen that either they end up with broken marriages or their family life does not get well or several other types of problems also arise,” Ramsingbhai told a news agency.

According to pundits, the tradition is part of the tribe’s folklore and has been followed for thousands of years.

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