Latest internet viral trend: Netizens share #SixWordHorror stories on Twitter

Latest internet viral trend: Netizens share #SixWordHorror stories on Twitter

The best place to find contests and challenges are on the Internet and there is no better place to look for them. Challenges or internet can be creative as well as totally bizarre.

However, the latest challenge on the internet has brought a spook factor along like that of legendary horror writer Stephen King’s tweet and stories.

The challenge is named #SixWordHorror, in this, the participants will have to share a six-word horror story on Twitter. It tests the creative abilities of the user and is not very different from the six or ten words story section in entrance exams.

The trend began when comics and animation writer @GailSimone asked her followers to write a short scary story.

Simone wrote on Twitter, followed by examples of her own creepy stories. “Today’s challenge isn’t new, but I still think it’s fun. Write a horror story in six words.”

Soon, Twitter users started sharing six world spooky stories that have received thousands of retweets and mentions. Some of them have even been shared on Facebook and Instagram.

However, not all stories are horror; some of them are just hilarious and full of sarcasm.

Check them out:

The challenge is already trending in the UK however it has not picked up pace in India yet. It is expected to receive some creative and interesting inputs in a few days.


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