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Lavender oil benefits: Know how healthy it is for your hair, skin, body and mind

Lavender Oil is one of the most popular essential oils which gives many health benefits. The oil is also used in aromatherapy because of its therapeutic effect on the body and mind.

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Know how lavender oil is healthy for your hair, skin, body and mind

As we are all aware Lavender oil is an essential oil that is extracted from the lavender plant. The plant has a wonderful fragrance and many health benefits that is why it is used for healing treatments. Mainly, lavender oil is used in aromatherapy.

Speaking of aromatherapy, it is a kind of therapy that induces healing effects on the body, soul, and mind, it is done with the help of different essential oils like lavender oil, chamomile oil, jasmine oil, peppermint oil, and rose oil. People have been practicing therapy since ancient times and undoubtedly it is very relaxing.

Know the benefits of lavender oil on your health:

Soothing effect on the nervous system: Lavender oil is used in aromatherapy because inhaling it has proved to be effective in the treatment of nervous system-related issues. It can help alleviate symptoms fatigue, anxiety, stress, and depression. It also helps relieve sickness and nausea.

Helps to improve hair and skin health: Lavender oil has miraculous effects on hair health. It helps by boosting the growth of hair and reducing hair loss. It can also help get rid of lice, dandruff, and nits. Lavender oil contains antioxidants which result in deep nourishment of the skin, thereby, improving its quality.

Works as a mood booster: The aromatic, fresh fragrance of lavender oil has splendid effects on the mind and can contribute to mood by boosting it.

It can help ease the pain: Massaging lavender oil can reduce pain such as backaches, headaches, and joint pains, massage on the abdomen can also help with menstrual cramps.

Improves sleep: Lavender oil is known to soothe the mind, however, improves the quality of sleep. It can also help treat sleep disorders and help the mind to stay relaxed.

Note: No matter how many potential health benefits lavender oil holds, there can be possible side effects. It may cause irritation or an allergic reaction in some people resulting in headaches, nausea, and chills. Hence, it’s better to consult a professional before using any essential oil.

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