Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Indian origin man in Australia quits job to vote for PM Modi
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Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Indian origin man in Australia quits job to vote for PM Modi

While on one side candidates are campaigning hard to gain people’s votes, there are some of them who are doing every bit to cast their valuable votes. This man from Mangalore has stood out from all to make a decision in his life that would help me vote peacefully for his favourite leader.

Sudhindraa Hebbaar (41), Mangaluru man from Australia has quit his job as a screening officer at Sydney Airport since he could not get leave to come to India to cast his vote for BJP on April 18.

The man told a national daily that he got leave from April 5 to April 12 but he could not get an extension due to Easter and Ramadan rush. So he decided to resign and come back to India.

Hebbaar added, “In Sydney, I’ve been working with people from across the globe, including Europeans and Pakistanis. I’m proud every time they say India has a great future. I attribute this success and changing image of India to the Prime Minister. Obviously, I cannot go to the border to protect my motherland.”

He said that now that he has resigned, he plans to stay till the results (May 23) and see who wins the election after that he’ll go back and search for a new job.

He said in a statement “I am a Permanent Residency card-holder in Australia (his wife is a Fiji-Australian) and I have worked at Sydney Trains before working at the airport. Finding another job shouldn’t be an issue.”

Earlier in 2014, the man flew back to India to cast his vote for BJP. He came for a day, was at the polling booth in Mangalore at 7 am, cast his vote and went back to Bengaluru to catch his flight for Sydney.

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