Madhya Pradesh: Rs 1.6 lakh expenditure on each cow, central govt sets up first Gokul gram in state
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Madhya Pradesh: Rs 1.6 lakh expenditure on each cow, central govt sets up first Gokul gram in state

The central government has decided to come up with Madhya Pradesh‘s first Gokul Gram which would be established in Sagar. As much as 500 acres of land has already been kept aside by the MP government to accommodate 600 cows. Facilities such as food and housing would be present along with breeding possibility through artificial insemination, medication and quarantine sheds. At an expenditure of Rs 10 crore, the shelter cost comes to be around 1.6 lakh per cow.

The process to set up a Gokul Gram in the state was initiated during the Shivraj regime but could not conclude. According to the managing director of State Livestock & Poultry Development Corporation, HBS Bhadoria, “The land has been allotted and it would be transferred to the corporation within a few days after which the construction work will start”. He informed the media that the Gokul Gram will be set up at Ratona village of the district.

Cows would be brought in from bordering states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Out of the total 600 cows, 60% would form the productive population, whereas 40% would be from the unproductive group. The breeding would be done through artificial insemination. There would also be quarantine sheds at the Gokul Gram.

Earlier, in Uttar Pradesh, the Animal Husbandry minister SP Singh Bhagel had offered farmers Rs 6000 to raise 200 cows in five bigha land, for which government would give money at a rate of Rs 30 per cow. The amount turns out to be Rs 1.8 lac per month.

Baghel was addressing BJP held Kisan Morcha at Uday Garden situated at Agra road, Aligarh. Heads, farmers, general secretaries, office bearers from 16 districts came to the event. Baghel said, “I feel the pain of farmers, they stay up every night to keep care of the crops. People ask about solutions for the problem of cattle and not electricity, water, roads”. Baghel also said that the problem has a permanent solution and work has begun on it.

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