Man throws iPhone instead of apples into bear enclosure, video goes viral!
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Man throws iPhone instead of apples into bear enclosure, video goes viral!

We often tend to make mistakes that land up being so hilarious that we couldn’t resist but laugh on them. In a similar situation that happened with a man who was feeding bears at Wildlife park in China.

The man while feeding the bears accidentally ended up throwing his phone instead of apples and carrots that he was feeding.  The video of the moment followed by the reactions of the bears was captured and is going viral on the web.

The man was enjoying a ride on the skywalk when he accidentally threw his phone instead of apples. We can feel how terrible he would have felt when he realized that he has thrown his phone.

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The funnier reaction was followed after the incident by the bears. The video shows both the bears were initially staring at the phone and after that one of the bears is seen picking the phone by his mouth, trying to chew it and walking away with it.

The man’s phone was thankfully recovered with the help of the park staff. The zoo released a statement after the incident that reminded visitors not to feed the animals.

There were many hilarious comments on the video one comment said, “It was the most expensive way to feed”.

According to a report, the bears didn’t eat the phone and underwent checkups to confirm they were healthy.

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