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Meet 25-Year-Old Hasnain Nawaz: The Millionaire eCommerce Artist Next Door!

Hasnain Nawaz got his Associate Engineering degree from Govt College Multan in 2014, but he didn't see much of a bright future in engineering.

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Meet 25-Year-Old Hasnain Nawaz: The Millionaire eCommerce Artist Next Door!

Hasnain Nawaz is a story of a boy who came from humble beginnings and went on to become a millionaire. He started as an employee at a large corporation, where after being let go, he was heartbroken and felt like he had nothing to show for his hard work and dedication.

But Hasnain (nicknamed Hussy) wasn’t one to give up easily. He took matters into his own hands and learned skills that would help him build up his own business and earn his first million dollars.

Today, Hasnain is living proof that it doesn’t matter where you come from or how much money your parents have in the bank; if you believe in yourself and work hard enough, anything is possible.

Early Education & Employment

Hasnain Nawaz got his Associate Engineering degree from Govt College Multan in 2014, but he didn’t see much of a bright future in engineering. He realized that he wanted to be on the front lines of change, so he enrolled in computer science classes at the local community college.

Hasnain earned diplomas in different IT-related subjects like PHP Software Development and E-commerce and SEO before landing his first job as a computer operator for Pepsi Pakistan. He later went for a job hunt, which led him to work for one of Pakistan’s top eCommerce agencies.

Through hard work and dedication, Hasnain transformed himself from an ordinary engineering student into an accomplished eCommerce expert with several successful projects under his belt for the company he was working with.

When Life’s Circumstances Took a Toil… But For The Better!

It was a day like none other for Hasnain. He had been working hard for the last year, and his dedication was finally paying off. One of the top prospects at his company, he served dozens of successful projects for them, but now it was time to leave.

Hasnain was devastated.

His hard work and passion for serving others were no longer valued by his superiors. He was fired with no warning or explanation, and he received the biggest shock of his life when he received an immediate suspension.

Heartbroken because his hard work and serving for the company had no value, Hasnain felt as though he had lost everything.

“I had tears in my eyes as I received the termination letter, and it took me a while to read it because I couldn’t stop crying. It was like someone had punched me in the stomach and made me go through all kinds of emotions at once,” Hasnain recalls.

The shock of being fired from his dream job made Hasnain feel like his heart was going to burst out of his chest. He thought about how much work and effort he had put into this company over the last year, but now it was all for nothing.

“It’s hard to accept that you are not valued anymore when you are passionate about your job and doing a good job for others. It’s like someone took away all your pride and dignity in front of your peers, family members, and loved ones. The worst part is that you have to go through this alone without any support from others around you,” says the young entrepreneur.

Launching Himself into Full-Time Entrepreneurship: “I Am Not a Number at Work. I Am a Free Spirit!”

Hasnain wasn’t a man who lost hope. He was determined to make it on his own, and he did.

After all, he had the skills and experience that made him a great fit for high-paying clients—he just needed to get out there and start doing it. And that’s what he did. He launched his services on Fiverr and Upwork, and the rest is history.

Jobless, he didn’t have money to survive on a low budget. But Hasnain knew he had to go through this limited life challenge for an unlimited life reward—so he worked hard every day.

Talking about his motivation, Hussy says:

“I was fired from my job and it was a traumatic experience for me. But in the aftermath, I started to think about what I can do to make money on my own. I used to go to a Biryani food point (AA Food Point in Multan) where I used to hang out with my colleagues and talk about entrepreneurship. The conversations I had with my friends helped me merge that trauma into ideas for turning my entrepreneurial skills into success.”

He knew that one day, something would break open for him—but until then, his goal was to stay focused on what he wanted out of life: being able to support himself, even if that meant performing the labors of Hercules.

And just like that… one day Hasnain landed a high-paying client! The rest is history. Because now Hasnain can afford some of his dreams.

Since then, Hasnain has become one of the most well-known eCommerce artists in the industry (and probably one of Pakistan’s favorites too).

Hussy Wins!

Hasnain has been on a roller coaster of success since he started online marketing. He is a self-made entrepreneur who has been working in different fields of business. He started as a consultant in eCommerce and now he’s running his own company, Online Wave TLD.

He works on Fiverr and Upwork as an eCommerce specialist telling worldwide multinational brands the strategies to make their business thrive.

He is also a publisher at Amazon Affiliate Marketing, which means that he gets commission from sales made by people who are signed up under his site.

He has also been able to reach Google Adsense Publisher status because of his expertise in SEO and backlinks.

Finally, he is an eBay seller who sells products ranging from electronics to furniture online through eBay stores that are managed by him.

In addition, the 25-year-old guy also helps other people find their independence by sharing some of his knowledge along with them on how they can achieve success with their businesses while staying true to themselves (and their values).

For example, one of Hasnain’s ventures HNPDFTools helps the young ungraduated, and unemployed youth to earn money by taking international orders of file format conversion and using this site to convert file formats for free, charging for this service from their clients.

As of now, Hasnain Nawaz is the richest young land in his neighborhood. Not only that, but he has brought himself a luxury car and a house. All of life’s most exotic and premium luxuries are at his bays, and he is ready to enjoy them all!

Some Life Lessons By Hasnain Nawaz

While many people might assume that the life of an entrepreneur is one of constant struggle, the reality is that there are many opportunities to succeed.

Insightful strategies, the ability to overcome adversity, and many other assets are required if you want to make it big in your industry.

If you want to be successful in your personal and professional life, here are some tips that can help you achieve success:

1). Stay Positive – It’s easy to get caught up in negative thinking and feel like there’s no possible way forward. However, if you stay positive and keep moving forward, everything will work out for you.

2). Believe In Yourself – People who believe in themselves have a better chance of achieving their goals than those who don’t believe they can do it on their own. If you don’t have faith in yourself then how can anyone else?

3). Take Responsibility For Your Actions – No one else is responsible for what happens in your life except for yourself; so if something goes wrong then take responsibility for your actions instead of blaming someone else for it happening!

Hasnain’s story isn’t of success but also one of hope: We hope that reading this story has inspired you to start living your life on your terms instead of letting others dictate how things should be done around here.

You can follow him on FB, Instagram, Twitter @rimrhussy, and Snapchat @imrhussy.


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