Complete list of registered Pollution Testing Centres in Odisha

Vehicle Pollution Testing Centres across India are seeling a long array of two-vehicle and car owners since the implementation of the amended Motor Vehicles Act.

There are reports regarding confusion among commuters surrounding the authenticity of the Pollution Testing Centres. The State Transport Authority of Odisha issued a list of registered Pollution Testing Centres for the convenience of the vehicle owners.

According to the amended act, those driving vehicles without a Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate will be fined Rs 10,000. To owners’ relief, the Odisha Government relaxed the norm for a month.

What is PUC Certificate?

Smoke emitting from vehicles could pollute air if left unchecked. The Pollution Under Control certificate is provided to the vehicles after they take the Pollution Under Control test. The certificate indicates that the vehicle follows standard rules set by the government to control pollution.

A PUC certificate will contain the following information:

Certificate’s serial number, Registration number of the vehicle, Date of PUC testing, PUC certificates date of expiry, PUC readings from the test

How to check the complete List of Pollution Testing Units?

The complete list of Pollution Testing Units can be found on this link.

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