Mumbai man runs over stray dog for peeing on his car

A man in Vasai ran over a sleeping stray dog inside his housing society, dragged it under his wheels for a few feet, coolly parked his car and went home. Reason behind the atrocity – the dog peed on the man’s new car.

Bala Mani, a Facebook user, shared a post to a group called ‘Feed a Stray. Everyday’ describing the inhuman act. He claimed that Saurabh Dukhande, who according to his profile works as a Customer Service Executive at Kankai Total Logistics LLP, ran over the dog to take revenge for the dog named Bandya. The post has gone viral with nearly 3,500 shares and over 1,300 Facebook reactions.

The stray survived but is in a critical condition at a veterinary hospital in Kandivli with a severely damaged spinal cord, police sources told Hindustan Times.

A day after the incident, on October 20, Mahadik approached the Manickpur police and narrated the entire episode. The police registered a case against Dukhande under Section 429 of the IPC — mischief by killing or maiming an animal— and also applied section of the Motor Vehicle Act, an official said.

“We have not yet arrested the accused man. We have the CCTV footage from the building, which is evidence of the incident,” the official said.

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