Nagpur: Haldiram's outlet shuts down after dead lizard found in ‘Vada Sambar’

Nagpur: Haldiram’s outlet shuts down after dead lizard found in ‘Vada Sambar’

In an appalling incidence, a man found a dead lizard in a food item served at snacks outlet Haldiram located at Ajani square on Tuesday, a Food and Drugs Administration official said.

The incident took place on Tuesday morning in an outlet located in Nagpur. The picture of a dead lizard found in ‘Vada Sambar’ went viral on social media.

Assistant commissioner of FDA told a news agency that the man and the woman with him hailing from Wardha had ordered vada sambar at the outlet. While eating, the man found a lizard in the food. They brought this to the notice of the supervisor who later threw away the dish.

The duo was later admitted to a private hospital and they were discharged on Wednesday. Also, they didn’t speak to the media, nor did they lodged any complaint in this regard.

The FDA was informed of the incidence in the evening after which they visited the Haldiram’s outlet immediately and conducted an inspection. During the inspection, the found certain deficiencies in the kitchen. The assistant commissioner FDA said that the windows of the kitchen need to be fitted with nets, which was missing.

He added, however, the FDA has closed the outlet till the complete the guidance of Food Safety Standards regulations 2011. He said that the outlet as submitted a compliance report to them and they will be inspecting the premises. If they will find the steps taken satisfactory then they will allow it to reopen.

Senior officer bearer of Haldiram told the news agency that they doubted the veracity of the consumer’s claim.

He said in a statement “But we admitted them to a nearby hospital. They were kept under observation for 24 hours and their medical reports were normal. They have been discharged today. We have submitted a compliance report to the FDA.”

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